Boniva side effects

cheerful1_gwDecember 13, 2007

One of the side effects is flu-like symptoms. Does anyone know if that happens right away, or if it can come anytime? I started Boniva on December 1; felt fine until today (chills, sore throat, aches). I had a flu shot, but I know I can still get the flu.

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I just started Fosamax on Sunday am and by 2PM i was so sick to my stomach..was sick all night and Monday..Anyone else have this problem? Was on Actonel before with no problems..Linda

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I refused to take Boniva because I have to be so careful about acid reflux. I have done my esophagus a lot of damage over the years and the proton pump inhibitors I have taken have contributed to my bone loss.

My rheumatologist said that I should try Evista so that's what I have done and it appears to be working. She said if that didn't do the trick I should take the IV Boniva and bypass my stomach.

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I am going to have to take something for bone loss in the near future. Has anyone with this issue ever tried the nasal spray Miacalcin or Fortical? Supposedly these 2 avoid the possibility of jaw necrosis, which can happen with Fosamax, et al.

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I have tried them all, starting with Fosamax and ending with Boniva. After about a year on each one, I would have stomach aches after every meal.I have bone loss, but it isn't worth it to be sick all the time.

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The nasal sprays are next on my list if the Evista doesn't work. My rheumatologist recommended Miacalcin. Her recommendations in order are:

Evista - Miacalcin nasal spray - Actonel - Boniva - Boniva IV

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I took boniva for almost a year and noticed I would get a stomach ache that lasted about 2-3 days after taking the boniva each month. It did help my osteoporosis though. I wonder if Fosamex or Actonel would have the same side effect? I don't want to have a stomach ache more often than once a month !

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I had a test that showed the Evista is working. The only side effect for me is a 30 second hot flash about 45 minutes after I take it.

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I'm noticing slight stomach problems after taking it, but if it helps my osteoporosis, I can live with it.

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I read somewhere that Actonel can contribute to some kind of loss of bone in your JAW! Yes, loss of bone. Actonel is supposed to be good for osteoporosis/penia... but can affect the jaw.

I took Actonel for quite sometime and had lots of trouble with acid reflux (or might have had anyway, but blamed it on Actonel)... I stopped and my bone loss did not continue, but I also get lots of sun everyday (Vitamin D) and came off Nexium (which can deplete you of calcium)...

Anyway, that's my experience - I am sure Actonel affects everyone differently - but that jaw possible problem seemed scary


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The Boniva can also contribute to the bone loss in the jaw. I told my hygenist about the Boniva; she put a large neon sticker on my file, and said if I ever need gum surgery, I'd have to go off the Boniva for several months before the surgery. They take this jaw bone loss very seriously.

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