local trial, 2 young women

ms-thriftyJuly 12, 2014

Two young, 24-25 or something, are on trial for murder of another young woman. This started as a fight outside a bar. Seems the victim bumped into one of the other ones who were walking together. This escalated into a huge fight and the victim was on the ground and apparently kicked several times by the two. She died of blunt force trauma to the head. There were several people standing around watching, and RECORDING it all on their phones. According to newspaper reporting several videos were analyzed by police and none were clear enough to actually show who, where and by whom, the kicks landed on the body, and coroner report could not conclusively state the fatal blow to the body was caused from the fall to the cement or the kicks.

What kind of society do we live in where all these people watching and recording viewing this as entertainment to post on Utube, facebook, etc. ? Why did not one -strong young men, etc. not even make an attempt to stop the fight. People put themselves in danger when someone is being attacked by a dog and try to get the dog off, call for help, scream, etc. but this incident only attracted a group of watchers, and recorders. surely someone could have grabbed the kickers and pulled them away without endangering themselves,

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The feminization of men ?

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I have told my sons to never, ever, ever get involved in a fight between other people. My sons are the type of people who would get involved and try to stop it but you never know where a knife or gun is and who is going to pull one out.

They have also been told to use their phones to call 911 and not to use them as recording devices in that situation.

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When I was that age and going to dance clubs any sign of an altercation had me quickly moving as far away as possible. You do not want to be in the middle of that. You donôt know who else was with these girls. What if you intervened and 5 of their friends then grabbed you?

Luckily it was a different time and it wasnôt something that happened often. Usually a drunk guy being bumped into and over reacting. Usually the bouncers were very quick to jump in. We also didnôt have cell phones for recording or calling.

You hope someone would intervene to help you, but you have to understand that it might not be safe for them to help.

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i cannot imagine just standing there watching or filming. There are times when a person needs to take the risk to help someone else.

Do the reports say if anyone was using their phone to call 911?


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Genovese Syndrome or Bystander Effect. Studies have been done as to why people don't react....the more bystanders the fewer get involved, people are unsure of the situation and what is actually going on (ambiguity), etc. In 1964 Kitty Genovese was returning home from her job at a bar in Queens NY in the wee hours and was attacked with a knife 3 separate times over a period of 30 minutes...38 people witnessed or heard, but did nothing. Police were only called after she was dead..they arrived in 2 minutes so more than likely she would have lived had someone called at the beginning. Reasons people gave....they thought it was a lover's quarrel, afraid to get involved, etc.

It's hard enough to fathom that someone would stand there recording the incident on their cell phone, but not calling 911 is unconscionable.

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How many times have you heard a guy notice a "Cat Fight" like it is some type of sport for them to watch?

These were young people who were either waiting to go in to a bar or getting out of one-alcohol effects your reaction time and perceptions, there was security there that should have stepped in, considering the city, people are more used to paparazzi taking pictures and making money or gaining youtube fame and those kids probably never thought a couple of girls would actually kill the girl who as the police said started the fight.

It is a wake up call that even if you can't get inbetween the combatants, you certainly can get security or call 911 rather than sit back and think how cool this will look on your facebook wall

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Sickening. Too much 15 minutes of fame going on because of video shot with a cell phone, that that's the first thing some people think of. I'm not sure at my age and strength, I could be of much help, but I darn well wouldn't stand there video recording when I could be calling for help.
Shame on every one of them for not thinking to help this young girl. I hope the two that did this get sent up for a long, long time.

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That is awful that it escalated to the point of violence. DD and I were in a local mall a couple of weeks ago and passed by the top the escalator. A group of 4-5 girls were standing to the side of the escalator chatting. Two girls got off at the top of the escalator and walked past them and said something really snarky about them being in their way (they weren't at all as they were standing well away from the escalator). Fortunately the girls just ignored them and went back to talking. We couldn't believe it even happened, but I can see where someone could have reacted badly to the remark that was made.

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