Heat pump using too much electricity

Raider316January 24, 2011

I have two zone heat pumps

The one downstairs is 13 seer 3 ton Goodman.

I live in Va

The temp have been highs around 40 and lows around 20's

MY kilowatts Hrs usage jumped from around 3600 to 7200 in one month. I have narrowed down the culprit to the 3 ton unit.

The wheel on the meter rolls pretty fast when that unit is running and the aux heat kicks in. Not so much with the upstairs unit.

Since it has been cold for some time I don't know why the sudden jump in usage.

Matter of fact I used 2400 kilowatts in 4 days according to the metter.

I checked the compressor by feeling the freon line coming in and it is warm to hot

I believe the Aux heat may be running too much

I'm using a Honeywell TH6220 Thermostat

Any help would be appreciated.

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600kW/day sounds REALLY high even if the backup is on all the time. If this is so I would suggest getting a service technician on site ASAP!


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Sounds like the aux is "stuck on" happens alot to heat sequencer (time delay) relays. Need to have them checked,
also, aux will run a lot if the heat pump is not running right, low on freon, etc.

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I am going to have to agree that is nuts on usage.

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