Cooking Confessions

mandogirlMarch 18, 2008

Forgive me, Cooking forum members, for I have transgressed. I have never, not once ever, made mashed potatoes. I have been known to buy the boxed flakes on occasion and make those. I don't know why I don't want to make them. I love eating them when others make them. They are delicious. Something about the process of making them myself turns me off. It seems like too much work for a side dish, I guess. I'd rather roast them chopped with some olive oil and seasonings.

Anyway...thought this would be a fun topic. The Cooking Confessional is open!

If someone wants to play the "cooking priestess" and assign penance, feel free. ;-)

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Blasphemy!! Whatever do you DO with your gravy?? (grin)

I confessed before but.........

I have a pressure cooker that's been sitting in the box for more than three years.
I don't know why.

I can't possibly be afraid of it.....I pressure CAN all summer.....

I work full time and could certainly use the "time saving" aspects.

Oh,please tell me why I can't bring myself to use it?

Deanna........still doing it the loooonnnnnggg way.
(fun thread, BTW!!)

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Ok. Here's my confession. I've never roasted a turkey. Thanksgiving comes and goes and since turkey was never my dad's favorite (he got some funky poultry in the Navy years ago and never got over it) I don't bother. Since turkey got to be so readily available, we eat it often enough that it lost any relevance as something special. Holidays usually include ham, ribs or a barbequed brisket at our house, but never turkey!

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I've never cooked lamb in my life -- not in any way, shape or form. One of these days I'll try a lamb chop.

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I cheat and buy frozen bread dough because I CANNOT MAKE A DECENT LOAF OF YEAST BREAD TO SAVE MY ARSE !!!!! Though I will be trying out the Artisan 5 minute no-knead recipe this week.

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Dare I say it?
I'm an MLC virgin.

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Carol Schmertzler Siegel

I buy lots and lots of cookbooks to read, and only actually use a couple of them.

I like the boxed mashed potatoes, too :)

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I really don't like EVOO or Balsamic vinegars. If that's the only way a salad comes dressed, I pass. I'm not a big salad eater anyway.

I have and will continue to make instant mashed potatoes at times. I don't actually consider them the same thing as real mashed potatoes but something entirely different. I make the real thing 90% of the time.


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I have been known to use boxed mashed potatoes and add butter, sour cream, milk and a bit of cream cheese to them. No one seems to notice (maybe because they are in a fat-induced coma after eating them. LOL!).

Received a bread machine for my wedding shower in 2000 and never opened the box. I prefer to bake bread the old-fashioned way (when I get the time!)

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Another one who always has boxed instant potatoes on hand. Sometimes they end up the way deemarie described, sometimes they are used as the crunchy coating on chix fingers, or last minute thicking for a gravy or soup.

As far as my MAJOR confession... I am terrified to deep fry anything. I would love to be able to make tempura, fried chicken, really crispy fried fish fillets, etc. The only thing I can make that is deep fried is hush puppies in a Fry Daddy and even that has me in a cold sweat the entire time. I am afraid to try making anything else.


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Hmmmm. Well, I NEVER sift, no matter what the recipe is or says. I seldom buy bread flour or cake flour, I just use all purpose. I don't even own a scale, so I never weigh anything. I think 40 cloves of garlic is way too much in that famous chicken recipe and I still don't like wine.

Is that enough?


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I have never made a pie crust from scratch. I make pies from time to time but DW always makes the crust with me looking over her shoulder. I was reminded of this while watching a pie crust being made on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives on the Food Network last night. I told DW that I'd like to try making the crust when we the the turkey pot pie on Wednesday. We'll see what happens.

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Well, I'll confess that I don't really like mashed potatoes! It's one of the few high calorie things I just don't get. My mother always riced her potatoes before mashing them and I'd just eat them riced with gravy. And that's how I still like them. Of course, I rarely make anything with gravy anymore, and I love gravy.

Other confessions. I hate typing out recipes so I rarely post anything about actual things I make so no one will ask for the recipe! (I'm a really bad typist.) I'm a food snob; I won't ever eat bottled dressings. I won't drink "normal" American beers, Bud, Coors type, or eat processed cheese.

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lowspark, what's MLC??

Annie, I don't sift either (it's going to get mixed up anyway, right?)I figure that the direction to sift things together came from when things like flour, salt & soda very often had lumps (or stones) in them, and we've been slavishly including the instructions in our recipes ever since.. Nor do I buy cake or bread flour (I have enough in my pantry as it is). However, I do like wine. :D

I spend lots of money on canned stock, though I know quite well how to make it, and do at times. I'm just too lazy most of the time.

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I am doomed to spend eternity in that great very hot kitchen downstairs, for I have sinned too many times to recount. Worst of all, I do not repent!!

There's the instant mashed potatoes; the frozen pastry cases (not even pastry sheets!); the tinned asparagus; the bottled pasta sauces; the custard that has to go through the sieve or the blender every time; the herb 'tree' that was never retrieved before serving and somehow always ended up on my son's plate; the bread that I took credit for but which was made by my bread-maker from packaged mixes; the old and wrinkly veges that went into a stew; I have never peeled a tomato.

Endless sins, for which I am now being punished, since I've been too ill to cook for over a year now!

I may yet be redeemed, however. There is hope for salvation. I do NOT make cakes from mixes!!

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When I had little kids I used boxed potatoes...but not for a long time have I done that.
I won't eat boxed potatoes, mashed, scalloped or anything else now, I hate squishy bread and that goes for frozen bread dough, I always make my own salad dressings, tartar sauce, cocktail sauce and often my own hot mustard sauce.
I am a food snob, I love wine, rare lamb, raw oysters steamed mussels, raw clams...and gravy!
Confession? I don't much like grilled rare ahi tuna....and that statement alone will have me denounced as a heretic in certain circles!
Linda C

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I've also never made fried chicken or French fries nor fried anything for that matter. The only fried food I eat is calamari & after about 1/2 cup I push my plate away saying, "Well, that's enough of that for another couple years!" Just haven't been able to get past the grease. I 'think' it might be un-American to never have made fried chicken??

Along the same line with not liking fatty stuff, I don't like gravy and/or those pan sauces for meat made from deglazing the pan or a roux.

My splurges for fat are always baked goods but not doughnuts (that fried thing again).

I keep dehydrated potatoes in my storage program. I use some in bread doughs but mostly they get rotated out.

I've also tossed more than a few geriatric celery stalks & carrots into stock. :(


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My husband can cook some stuff better than me.

And -

rachelellen is a MLC Virgin! Lets fix that!

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I'm terrified of broiling anything.
I detest making pasta.
This is a big secret - for about 4 yrs, on Thanksgiving, I ordered the whole meal already cooked (turkey and all) and put it all into my own serving dishes and served it to my inlaws. shh!!

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I'll confess that twice I've been saved from a cooking disaster by unexpected people, and not admitted to them that they saved me, and the first one was when I tried making mashed potatoes the first time. I was a teenager, and got it into my head to try to make supper. I knew enough to peel the potatoes, and proceeded to chop them, then try to mash them. My dad called and I told him I was making mashed potatoes, but was having trouble. He commented about how you have to boil the potatoes and THEN mash them. I felt soooo stupid, but just agreed with him that yes, you do.

When I was a young wife, we were being visited regularly by 2 even younger Mormans. I felt sorry for them at Thanksgiving, and invited them to Thanksgiving dinner. One of the young men said something in passing about having to take the bag of stuff out of the cavity of the turkey, how gross it was or something like that. I nodded my head and agreed with him, and then hurriedly, when he wasn't looking, took the turkey out of the oven and got the bags of gizzards out of the turkey. Thank heavens for little hints from unexpected places!

Linda C, don't worry - I don't even know what "grilled rare ahi tuna" is.


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Well, I have never liked boxed potatoes of any kind and I hate cakes, cookies and brownies from mixes.

That said, as a young woman learning to cook, I too, roasted the turkey with the bag of giblets inside, I am a MLC virgin, I like canned tuna but hate fresh tuna steaks (go figure...), I am petrified at the thought of cooking in a pressure cooker, love to use my crockpot, can't make a decent pie crust, and have never operated a sifter.

I am determined to work on the pie crust issue, tho. Especially after Nancy gave me personal crust lessons in Tennessee!

Oh...and I love Spaghetti-O's. There.


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You guys probably already sensed this. I like to take the most expensive cut of beef and cook it in a nontraditional manner and eat it with canned beans and any kind of hot bread. Pita is a good one. I like the fancier ways too. But when I'm just eating to please myself it can get a little off the wall.

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Do we really have to do this? How embarassing! Oh well, if the likes of Daisyduckworth and Annie can bare their souls, I guess I can be a good sport too.

Like everyone here, I profess to have high standards when it comes to food. So it is hard to admit that I have developed a liking for Spam. I've kept that pretty quiet until now. I sampled Spam to see what made it so popular in Hawaii and now I have to restrain myself from eating it too often because I suspect it isn't healthful. It's not inexpensive either, so I can't use that as an excuse.

As a sidebar, if I shop when hungry I am very apt to buy a can of Vienna sausages and eat them like candy on the way home. To me, both Spam and Vienna sausages are pink pate.


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Oh, I have to admit that I'm a MLC virgin, too. I did a search, Rachelellen, to remind myself what it was...oh, yeah, that's what it is.

I confess I do need to try some!


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I have yet to attend Martin Luther College myself.

WHAT THE @#$^ is an MLC Virgin???

My confession: I love mashed potatoes, the fake the real, the Hungry Jack [best texture] and the Yukon Golds. I will buy them in a pouch, I will eat them on a couch, I will mash when not a slouch, tatoes always trump the grouch!

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I will use it for a good cause !!!

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Pssst. Rachelellen? I can top that. I don't particularly LIKE MLC.

I do like seafood, but if you put a bag or mussels, clams, etc in front of me, I would have no CLUE how to clean/prepare them. I also have no clue how to apprach an artichoke and so avoid situations where I might be confronted with a whole one. (I guess that is more an eating confession than a cooking one.)

I'm terrified of canning. Never even tried to do it. (Although I'm going to try this summer.)

I suck at cooking eggs any way but scrambled. I make great scrambled eggs.

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I'll ditto what sands said....What the HECK is MLC??? Don't have a CLUE!!

I too am terrified of broiling - I own a broiling pan from my PREVIOUS range that was only used by the previous owner of this house (who moved away 15 years before we redid the kitchen and got rid of said range). I kept the broiling pan since my new range didn't come with one ... but I have still NEVER used it!

I have no idea how to use a fondue pot, but we had one for almost 20 years. I finally got rid of it when we redid the kitchen last summer.

We also have this stove-top coffeemaker, made by Pyrex or Corelle - it matches my ORIGINAL set of Corelle - and it has also never been used because we have NO idea how to use it! Because it had been a wedding present, though, it STILL sits under one of the counters in the kitchen...just can't get rid of it.

And I will NOT cook liver and onions, no matter how much my husband begs! I hate LOOKING at the raw livers! YUCK!


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Lets see my multitude of sins....

Spaghettio's for lunch with garlic toast
frozen pizzas at least once a week
Poptarts for breakfast
lots of convience foods

With the three kids and being pregnant and morning sickness all day long and 5 hungry mouths to feed, if I can stick it in the microwave and the majority of the family eats it, it has been a good dinner or lunch (DH comes home for lunch everyday)


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I'm an MLC virgin, though I do know what it stands for. I've never pressure cooked or canned anything. I haven't baked my own bread for the last six months. As a matter of fact the last bread I baked was as part of a Christmas gift back in December.

I LOVE hamburger helper of any kind
I hate tomatoes, but love ketchup and WILL put it on a steak that doesn't have flavor WITHOUT being ashamed!

Just cleaned my fridge, and the only reason I did is because I could barely get the door shut because there was so much clutter in it... the things I threw away: a pot of chicken soup that I only had one serving of that was three weeks old, two boxes of strawberries that I didn't touch, bought them on sale and forgot about them, 2 turkey legs that had been in the fridge for a month (I never cooked them, and got scared to after looking at the sell by date), and a half box of fried chicken that was a week old. Somehow an egg got out of the carton and pushed back behind a bunch of other stuff on the bottom shelf. When I tried to pick it up, it was stuck to the shelf and broke... egg goo ran all over the fridge. This was just last night after work at midnight... That combined with the strawberry drippings that sprayed all over the place when I flung the boxes to the garbage pail was quite a sight to behold... wish there had been a hidden camera. I was not happy!

I never use most of the kitchen gadgets I have... I keep them in case I might need them "one day".

I'm proud to say that I've never made boxed mashed potatoes... not EVER. :o) However, since I can't make biscuits from scratch to save my life, Bisquick is my good friend in the kitchen... I'm closer to her than I am PAM!

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So much for my hoped for salvation. I'm an MLC virgin too!

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I grew up in a family where we often, and I mean often, ate broiled chicken with paprika on top, and rice. I almost never broil, despite having a kicka$$ oven that heats under the broiler to 1800 degrees. It is supposed to be the bomb for steaks. I wouldn't know, but it can burn pizza (frozen and homemade) pretty quickly. I also am horrible at frying. Never made fried chicken. About the most I have done would be fried dough, which is impossible to mess up.
Never had boxed mashed potatoes. I think the real thing is easy to make and really very forgiving for those of you who have yet to make it.
I make risotto in the microwave. The recipe came from Marcella Hazen (I think) and was featured in the NYT. It is still time consuming (takes about 20 minutes) but no constant stirring.
I no longer make JOY of Cooking brownies. I've discovered Ghiradelli double chocolate brownie mixes and I think they equal my best JoC effort.
Wow, I feel better now.

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I've never cooked beef that wasn't ground.

The only MLC I've made came in a little plastic tub that you add water to and microwave.

I've never cooked lamb. (ew)

Although I can make a kick-a$$ sauce, mine usually comes from a jar.

I've never deep-fried, canned, or pressure cooked anything (it scares me)

I'd rather bake a hundred desserts than make an appetizer.

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Hmmm, where to start. I make mashed potatoes from a box, my family hates lumps. If I'm going to end up with something that looks like boxed potatoes, they may as well come from a box. I also make brownies from a box. I used to make them from scratch and people loved them, then one time when I was pressed for time (2 year old!) I picked up a box and made that, people raved about them so I never went back. Pillsbury with the packet of fudge. Add some dark chocolate chips and yum! I never deep fry, I hate the mess it makes. I don't even own a pressure cooker. AND when a recipe calls for an unhealthy amount of butter, I use a butter substitute for part of the butter (I used to use Butter Buds, now I use Molly McButter), the funniest thing is that noone can tell! Oh yes, I always pan fry steaks now. I used to broil them, but every time I use the broiler the smoke alarm goes off. It also goes off whenever I make breaded pork tenderloin! And all my friends and nieghbors think I'm such a wonderful cook!

Jo, any chance you could post the microwave risotto recipe? I forgot to mention I never make rissotto cause I hate making food that needs constant supervision!


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Awwww Geee, guy's c'mon, tell me what an MLC is! Is it tasty? Is it scrumptious? Is it bigger than a bread box? If I did it, would it feel better after the first time?

LindaC, I can beat you...I could care less about sushi! A sentiment that can cause people to shun one in certain circles. I grew up surrounded by Japanese friends, almost married a Japanese man, and have eaten a ton of the stuff, but just can't see the appeal. I mean, it's okay, but I cannot for the life of me understand why people sit at a bar, on an uncomfortable stool, and pay exorbitant prices to consume slivers of uncooked seafood on cold, vinegar laced rice...sake or no sake...and rave about it.

Jim, you have my company, if the company of one so ignorant that the letters MLC are a mystery is welcome. I love SPAM! What's not to love? It's a block of salt and fat, two of my favorite substances! In fact, as my husband was out last night singing, (he's a barbershop guy), I indulged myself with one of my guilty pleasure meals. Slices of SPAM, pan fried 'till crisp on the outside, but still soft inside, with macaroni slathered with butter, salt & pepper, and frozen peas (heated) slathered with the same. Oh, and a glass of cheap (box) wine. I will do penance for this tomorrow, by having a boiled egg on (dry) toast for breakfast and a salad for lunch (dressed with lemon). My cat also loves SPAM but won't touch lettuce or dry toast, though she will condescend to lick the egg yolk from my plate.

Stacie, another of my guilty pleasure meals is Chef Boyardee's Beefaroni, with a lot of freshly grated Parmesan cheese. My husband always teases me when he sees the can in our recycle bin.

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I'm a MLC virgin too.

I also like boxed cake mixes and think they can be doctored into something pretty good. Oh, and I like really, really rare steaks...almost mooing.

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The recipe wasn't Hazan's, but Barbara Kafka's. I can't find my scrap of paper, but I am 99.9% sure this is it, as I have been making it for at least 10 years.
2 Tbs. Olive Oil
2 TBS butter
1 yellow onion, diced
1 cup aborizo rice
3 cups chicken broth
handful of grated parm
Microwave the butter and Olive oil in a microwave safe casserole for 2 minutes(that is what I use, the original recipe called for a pie plate). Add the rice and onion, stir and microwave another 2 minutes. Add the broth, stir and microwave for 9 minutes. Stir. Microwave another 9 minutes. Stir in cheese. Let sit for a few moments. That's it. I like to add different things, ie; shrimp (add at end and the heat will cook it perfectly). I also add asparagus, peas... the sky is the limit.
Oh, and the pot should be uncovered during the cooking time.

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I'm also a MLC virgin....Molten Lava Cake Virgin. There if anyone doesn't know what it stands you do.
In our local French Restaurant they are called (on the Spanish menu) "Macarenas". So I told them the real name was Molten Lava Cakes.
So the French cook wrote it down. They look like this. The chocolate sauce is inside the cake and oozes out when you cut into it.

Confessions.....I put ketchup on scrambled egg!

Don't use boxed mashed potato though.


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Ok, since we're also including guilty pleasures...
mine is frito pie. I don't do this often but occasionally I get a hankerin for the stuff. For those of you who don't know what THAT is, you take some fritos, pour a can o' heated chili (hormel or the like) on top, top with shredded cheddar, then chopped onions. Decadent, disgusting and delicious!

OK. I also don't sift, my mother never did and was a fabulous baker and she taught me.

I like sushi but don't adore it. I don't like tuna steaks or mahi mahi or swordfish either -- it's too heavy and tough! I like my fish light and flaky, thank you very much. I DO like canned tuna but only the cheapest kind, chunk light, which DH calls "kitty tuna".

I've made both boxed & regular mashed potatoes but never made potato salad. I'm too worried I'll overcook the potatoes and they'll end up mashed instead of cubed.

I do fry but not often and I broil frequently. When I was first married, the only way I knew to cook a cut up chicken was to broil it. It's so easy!

MLC = molten lava cakes. One of these days I'm gonna make em...

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Being such a chocoholic, you'd think I'd've tried a MLC by now. After all this talk, I'm ready to loose my virginity! Sharon, you beat me to it. I was going to post a link to one of the pics on that page, but didn't think to post the link to the whole page. Smart move.

I don't just not "get it" when it comes to sushi, I hate the stuff. Yuck! I l also hate arugula, no matter how trendy it is. It's probably the only green leafy I hate, though.


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Leftover pizza for breakfast, yum!

My kids used to love it when we had strawberry shortcake for breakfast, lol.

But I feel truly guilty about all the bananas, strawberries, etc, that have gone from the store to the compost. Not to mention the turkey carcasses with plenty of meat on them in the trashcan because I never got around to making soup.

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Jim and Rachelellen: Next time, try the Spam on an English muffin grilled in butter with an egg-over-easy on top: Butter the raw muffin, grill till golden, grill the Spam just the way Rachellen does, fry an egg over easy, put it all together as a sandwich. Don't let any egg yolk get away - sop it up with the muffin. Spam-n-eggers--Too wonderful for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Confessions too numerous to mention, so I don't. I just smile and take credit, and people think I'm a good cook.


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Thanks to whoever said they've never peeled a tomato. I NEVER do that either. I've read recipes that said to do that, and I've actually scoffed and said out loud "Yeah, right." Who has time for that?

Thanks, too, to whoever recommended Ghirardelli brownie mixes (with additional chocolate chips...sounds divine!). I will definitely try those, because as I've mentioned before my homemade brownie attempts have been the consistency of concrete, suitable only for patching holes in the street. I can make delicious cookies, cakes, even pies (though making crusts can be a frustrating experience), but I can do serious damage to perfectly good bakers chocolate. It's a crime.

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I confess I buy the ready made in a roll pie SIL thinks to this day I make it from scratch (tee hee)....
I have on occasion made mashed potatoes from a box BUT it's been several years.
Now that I'm retired I try to make everything from scratch. I do have a bread machine and use it more often that from scratch....I don't sift flour either and I only use AF flour too...LOL
I have a pressure cooker and don't use it Mom has used one for years and years.

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I hate, absolutely hate, raspberry vinaigrette. Why anyone would spoil good olive oil with sweetly cloying perfumey raspberry vinegar is beyond me. I'm not too keen on balsamic vinegars, either--way overdone most of the time.

One guilty pleasure I indulge in that really grosses out my otherwise tolerant wife: I grew up using evaporated milk instead of half and half or coffee creamer. To this day, I enjoy really strong French roast drip coffee laced with a heavy dollop of evaporated milk. High-caffeine comfort food.

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Wow, celebrity secrets revealed! :-)

I also buy the pie crusts in a roll...I can make a decent crust, but I hate rolling them out, and they end up looking disasterous (even though they taste good)! So I buy the rolled, which I don't like as well, but no one seems to mind.

I use boullion cubes rather than fresh or canned stock.

I use mainly canned and frozen vegetables and canned fruit for all my cooking. Since there's only two of us, it just takes too long to use up fresh produce, and it ends up going bad. I do have some fresh tomatoes and peppers in the summer garden and I buy fresh oranges and bananas for breakfasts, but fall, winter, and spring everything else bought in cases of cans or frozen bags.

I do buy fresh onions and peppers (and freeze the remainders), and fresh garlic. Occasionally I'll splurge on fresh mushrooms, but mostly I use canned.

I never buy jarred pasta sauce, cake/cookie mixes, or boxed potatoes.

We eat frozen pizzas and burritos for lunch a good deal of the time, because I'm terrible at lunch-planning if we don't have leftovers in the fridge. I only make breakfast on the weekends - weekdays it's granola bars (store-bought) and fruit.

Possibly the worst sin is that I buy...Wonder Bread for my husband. He prefers it to homemade, which strikes me as odd and unnatural, but there you go. *sigh*

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Oh Oh! I have another confession!! (This is supposed to be good for the soul, right?)

I use cream o' soups AND velveeta. Hey, they do serve their purpose in specific situations.

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My confession? I don't care if the current trend is almost raw or completely raw meat, please cook mine first. Especially any kind of fish or fowl.

On vacation, I ticked off a chef when I asked for my tuna steak to be cooked through when grilled. I got it, of course, raw in the middle so sent it back. He came out to the table to extoll the virtues of "rare" tuna. I said "Yeah, that's wonderful. COOK IT.". He finally did and it was delicious and I refuse to think about what he might have done to it out of spite LOLOL.

I like my game birds cooked well also. They can keep their raw budgies in the kitchen, I want my little birdie nice and done all the way through thank you.

I don't like sushi either. I don't like the vinegared rice, and don't like the taste of the seaweed. Not a fan of cold seafood either, so there you go. I love different kinds of pickled veggies but everything I have tried at Japanese restaurants have a sort of odd chemical taste I don't like. I do like the radish salad, however.

A better confession is that I actually like ramen noodles, salty flavour pack and all LOL!

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Ok, I'll take a turn...

Last year, after month after month after month of lurking here, I finally made biscuits. Yep, about the easiest baking thing in the entire world, and I was afraid. Years and years and years ago, when I was newly married to a southern man, his aunt always made them so perfectly, I thought I'd never measure up, so I never tried. (Ok, biscuits weren't the only reason we divorced, but it was probably a factor!)

And I can't grill... anything... burned or raw or some combination is how it always comes out. I haven't even figured out how to light the gas grill we've now had for about 5 years.

Oh, and cooking for 2 or 3? Impossible. I'm so used to a lifetime of cooking for multitudes, that even when I think I'm making a small batch of something, I either have to come up with 2-3 different ways of using the leftovers, or call friends and neighbors in to help consume.

And speaking of leftovers, why is it when you make something new (like chicken enchiladas from the leftover roast chicken) that you end up with MORE food left over than when you started!?! (a variation on loaves and fishes perhaps?)

Ahhhh.... my soul feels so much better now!

    Bookmark   March 19, 2008 at 12:22PM
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I agree with the leftovers matter how little I will turn out in heaps! LOL.
Spam lover here. MMM good, nice and crispy please.
Vienna sausages...I like to sip the broth.
SOS is a family favorite using cream o mush soup and hamburger. Comfort food ya know!

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Okay, another confession for liking Hamburger Helper--doctored up.

I always used canned apple pie filling until Sheshebop showed me how easy it was to make the real thing.

Mandogirl, In addition to the chips in the brownie mix, I use bourbon instead of water.

Never had a fried egg...not gonna either.

Kathy, I thought we made MLCs virgins loose it at camp.

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"In addition to the chips in the brownie mix, I use bourbon instead of water." Oh, Mustangs, now there's an idea I'm gonna copy! MMmmm.

Speaking of Ramen, I used to eat it every day until I became vegetarian. I can't find a vegetarian version of it, but I still look now and then. I don't know what they put in the stuff, but I always got real sleepy after eating Ramen noodles. Maybe they lace it with drugs and that's why so many students eat it - not because it's cheap food, but because it's cheap drugs!

I don't really like Japanese food in general, which totally disappoints my DH, since he lived in Japan for 18 months and loves it. Miso is way too salty, and most other stuff is way too sweet. And sushi is way too seaweedy. I hate sweet and sour anything. Yuck - if they'd only left the sweet part out it'd be fine.


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Oh boy, Cathy, Jessy could have a field day with your last sentence. I'll assume you meant LOSE :o)

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Molten Lava Cake? Never heard of it! So I guess I am also an MLC virgin. Of course, I don't have much of a sweet tooth, so that's probably why. I bake for other people, so it's generally what they like or ask for. It sounds good though.

Now, the Spam-n-egger sounds yummy! :D

Arley, I like evap in my coffee too. I always have cans in the pantry for when we run out of half and half, but sometimes I just prefer it.

I also like Ramen, dances, and what's worse, I have a Cup o' Noodle habit. My cat likes the noodles, so if she sees me with that styrofoam cup, she sits down with me and waits for me to share.

deborah, I don't sip the broth, I chill the can before opening it so the broth is a jelly to dip the sausages in.

Here's an awful secret...I like dried pasta better than fresh. :O

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Where to begin???

...don't like shrimp, liver, avocado, sushi, calamari, or lamb

...can't make a piecrust to save my life

...can't seem to have everything for dinner ready to serve at the right time

...don't "clean as I go"

...have roasted a turkey and my MIL found the "junk" inside that I roasted with it...who knew to stick my hand in there??!!

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. It felt good to confess.

    Bookmark   March 20, 2008 at 2:10AM
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Not a confession, exactly, but the people who spoke about leaving the bag of gizzards in the turkey reminded me of my friend/ex-partner who died not so long ago.

Amongst the Christmas goodies he served was a lovely-looking salad. Then his daughter delicately picked out, with her fingers, the cellophane package of croutons, and the plastic sachet of dressing that had both come in the original packaging!! Very mortifying!

And back to me - I have so many sins!! I don't exactly like my meat 'charcoal on the outside and burnt in the middle', but it's not far from it. The faintest tinge of pink, and I can't eat my meat. I like meat well-done - not so red that when you prick it with the fork, it says 'Moo' and you have to chase it around the plate while it bleeds to death. Yech. I like my meat well and truly DEAD!

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Cathy, I must have missed the de-flowering. I even bought ramekins just for the special moment.


I feel so un-cool

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Kathy, I made mine in muffin pans, LOL, then Dishesdone sent me ramekins.

Oh, and I don't just eat beef rare, I eat it RAW. Regularly. I also like eggs with runny yolks.


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They do make a vegetarian ramen noodle. If there's a kosher section in your grocery store, or, especially a store that carries a lot of kosher stuff, check there. I buy parve ramen noodles for my vegeterian son. Parve means no dairy products or meat products are in the ingredients. I don't remember the brand and it's not as cheap as the regular ramens (I think it's more like 2/$1 instead of 8/$1) but it is out there!

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Kathy, You are way COOL as evident by your chicken feet. Now that I have checked my camp diaries, the MCL deflowering was accomplished in front of an audience at the Beefcakes and Babes Get Together.

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I also am a MLC virgin! One of these days I will make it. When in a rush I have been know to use boxed mashed potatos, brownies and cakes from a mix, jar sauce, canned veggies and frozen mac & cheese.

I hate well done steak and when certain other meats are cooked to death, I like the pink inside. But won't eat any fish or seafood raw. I also don't get the whole sushi thing. I've had it but don't really like it.

I have a small electric deep fryer sitting in its box for over a year. I confess I love fried food but am afraid to do it myself, which is good for my diet! :>)

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I love American cheese. It is the perfect omelet cheese.

I have eaten a MLC, but never made one.

I have never eaten spam. Knowingly anyway.

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I can't make a good baking powder biscuit to save my soul! I've given up and now buy the wonderful frozen Schwans brand, and I've been known not to even mention they were 'store bought'.

My worst confession? The year my parents and in-laws came to our home for Thanksgiving and I had the roasted turkey resting before carving it. I went into the living room to refresh their drinks and when I came back into the kitchen I found my labrador retriever carrying the turkey across the kitchen with the breast in his mouth!!! I was horrified and there was only 10 minutes to go before dinner. I glanced over my shoulder - nobody was looking - grabbed the turkey, wiped it off, carved it and served it an never told anyone! The dog and I were both **&$** off at each other for weeks!

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Oh the shame.....I've never owned or cooked anything in a crockpot. I only eat my own homemade baked beans. On the subject of baked beans, I use Boston style baked kidney beans in my chili (Sorry Texans but I am from New England!). My family is ground beef deprived since I detest it except for the 2 times each year when I'm overcome with an inexplicable craving for a medium rare hamburger. Same goes for hot dogs. I use the roll up pie crust most of the time...I too hate to roll out pie crust. I buy the jars of minced garlic instead of peeling and mincing cloves. When I get over run with asparagus, I cut off the tips, cut them up, put them in stir fry and tell my family they are spring green beans. Funny thing is they think it's just "spring" beans. (They hate asparagus.) I on the other hand will eat asparagus until I can't stand the smell emanating from my body. I love meat cooked red and tuna the same way, raw oysters, scallops serviche and the like. I am not an MLC virgin, having eaten it and had a "failure to launch" attempting to create it.

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I ran with the kitchen scissors the other day!

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Sally2, they do have veggie Ramen, it is the dark blue package "Oriental" flavor. We have a stash of them here because my sister is a veggie and I use it for that cabbage/ramen salad when she comes over.

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I am a MLC virgin too. I bought ramekins for just that purpose. Never made them. Probably won't.

I don't make my own is too cold in my house usually for it to rise. I have never made a pie crust and since I really don't care for pie, I probably never will.

Spam, over easy fried egg, onion, tomato and cheese on an English muffin would be and is, HEAVEN!

My fish has to be dry. I don't want to see any "flaky, moist" fish on my plate. Gross. And I would really just as soon not have fish period. Tuna out of a can? Never. Gross.

I have never eaten a fresh oyster. Again, gross.

I DO mince and chop my own garlic--99% of the time. I have bought about 10 different kitchen gadget mincers, only to use them once and find they are a bigger pain to clean than worth using.

I have NEVER made, or even bought instant potatoes.

I don't use box mixes for cakes or brownies. I may try brownies, and add bourbon though.

I have been known to make a mean "doctored up, tuna-less, Tuna Helper, tuna tetrazinni" But that is the only "helper" I do use.

I am a collector of recipes...most of which I have never made, but are in a 3 ring binder labeled "Favorite Recipes".

I have been known to out and out lie, saying I really don't care for a certain food, when in fact I actually love it. I have to do this to get out of eating anything MIL makes.

I will see if I can remember more overnight. LOL

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I use mixes for cakes and brownies.

We finally made omelets last night. First time ever -- and they turned out wonderfully!

I put beans in chili.

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Wow! who knew???
I made biscuits for the first time about 3 weeks ago. I compiled a bunch of recipes from this forum and starting trying different ones. They were fabulous.
I NEVER make brownies from a mix.
I often use cake mixes.
I love Hungry Jack boxed potatoes and often pass them off as homemade. (I have never found another brand that tastes so much like real ones though)
I NEVER buy a pie crust.
I have never deep fried in my life
I NEVER ever buy canned pie filling
I DO use cream of mushroom soup
I DO use pasta sauce jars. (However, I doctor them up)
Like lowspark, I love Hormel chili. I mix with cheese, and taco seasoning. I do it in the crockpot and use it as a nacho dip. Yum.
I am not ashamed of any shortcuts I take in the kitchen if it gets a meal on the table, or affords me more free time. However, most of what I do is from scratch.
AND...all this talk about MLC...I am going into the kitchen right now to make them.

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Karenforroses must get the prize for her Thanksgiving incident confession. Although there are some close runnersup, I don't know if I ever could have confessed to that one.

Vicki's book of favorite recipes she's never made cracked me up.


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My Confessions:

I have never cook lamb.

I have never cooked a ham. It's already cooked and I eat as is or warm it by the slice.

I cannot eat instant potatoes, no, no, no and I haven't found anyone's mashed potatoes but mine and my Mother's that I really like.

I love bologna between two slices of white bread. I do not eat wheat bread at all. Ciabatta and other breads are excellent though.

I do not eat anything that has ever been in water except for frog legs.

I'll eat Mac and Cheese from the blue box if I have to, but only one or two bottled salad dressings will I touch. If I go to someone's house that has bottled dressings I will eat my salad dry or with a little lemon juice and salt if there's any available.

I have started cooking with far too much cream.

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My grandmother who passed when I was nine (rest her), and whom I will forever regret not knowing as an adult because she seemed like one funny lady, hated to cook and was not good at it. When she had people over her sister-in-law who was her best friend would make the main course. Once after a party a guest called my grandmother to find out how she made the delicious whatever-it-was, and my grandmother made up a recipe on the spot and relayed it to the lady on the phone like she knew what she was talking about, down to exact measurements & cooking times. The lady made said recipe and later said to my grandmother, "You know, Peg, it didn't turn out quite the same." Oh, really? ;-)

This is my same grandmother who wasn't allowed to smoke on her college campus and so was routinely suspended from school for being caught smoking off campus after curfew. Not that I condone the smoking , but I admire her rebellious spirit.

Things I have to thank her for: 1) her terrible cooking made my mom want to be a good cook, which she is, so I grew up eating yummy family meals. 2) she made my mom eat horrible lima beans and liver and onions, which my mom hated, so I never had to eat them. 3) (This goes along with 1) Meatloaf in my house was delicious. Meatloaf in my grandmother's house was a big ball of ground meat straight out of the package, nothing added, cooked into oblivion in the oven, and drenched in ketchup. That and some white bread with butter was dinner. Blech!

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AND...I almost alays use bottled dressings

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For someone who loves food, cooking and entertaining I am sinfully plebeian in my tastes.

I have never eaten fresh artichokes, avocados (including guacamole), oysters, calamari or black beans.

Have never cooked lamb, tuna, brussel sprouts, parsnips or rutabaga/turnip.

There are lots of other things I have never eaten or cooked but these are the things that others seem to enjoy that don't appeal to me in the least.

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Chase, you just posted a short list of my favorite foods. LOL!

OTOH, it's just as well we don't all have the same preferences. The price of oysters would be out of sight. I love avocados but refuse to pay over $1.25 for one. Today they were $1.79. Too many people like them.


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Hey Chase, it's easy to be a great cook with black truffles and Kobe beef. It takes a little vision to do it fun, right, and creative on a budget.

I most respected the challenge on Top Chef where they were presented with a chicken, a potato and an onion and told to go to town.

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I understand the need for using instant potatoes once in a while, but I'm surprised that nobody mentioned using the "Country Crock" mashed potatoes that you buy in the refrigerator section. MY DH thinks I make the best mashed potatoes ever. Those rotisserie chickens you can get at the grocery store, I put them in my own baking dish, and call it "Chicken Transfero'"
I HATE seafood, mushrooms, olives, artichokes.
I do cook in a pressure cooker all the time but it did explode once. Broccoli Rabe, stains.
I do something my mother never would, I cook several different things every night for ezch individual taste. I have 6 daughters and none of them like the same thing

    Bookmark   May 20, 2008 at 7:29PM
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I ate roast leg of lamb once, definitely didn't like it. Have never cooked any sort of lamb.

LOVE artichokes, avocados, abalone (which you pretty much can't get anymore), fresh crab, fresh fish of almost any kind. My mother was born and grew up in in CA and I grew up in OR not so very far from the ocean so was introduced to these things at an early age.

I do not like pasta. Not the skinny, not the hearty, especially not the lasagna! And don't even make me look at a pasta salad! I have never made lasagna, or pasta salad, and probably never will.

I use boxed potato flakes often to thicken chili, and have used them in an emergency when such were a neccessity and no spuds were at hand. Didn't admit it, either. Also use boxed Au Gratin potatoes fairly often. DH doesn't care what he eats, and I can either eat it or not. Bottled salad dressings are a regular at our table, because DH will only eat sweet dressings and I don't care to make them. Catalina, anyone?

I can't make fried chicken. I tried several times many years ago, all disasters, and never tried again. I bake it instead. A cheater, I know. Mea culpa.

Early in my first marriage, a friend brought some very expensive steaks for me to fix for dinner. I baked them to leather! The only way I had ever had steak was well-done, and didn't know any better. It took me many years, and many failures, to learn how to cook anything edible.

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Ok -
I hate raw tuna!
I dislike rare duck!
In the past I have baked brownies from mix and let people think I made them.
I hate margarine, canola oil and raspberry vinegar.
I am a good cook and absolutely despise cooking for my family on the Holidays.
I have purchased marinara and used it when I could have easily made it.
I am a fresh produce snob and try to avoid frozen if possible.

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I put water and a new filter in the coffee maker but forgot the grounds.

Made a nice pot of filtered hot water.

More than once.

If you tell you have never done this, I won't believe you.


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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

No, but I have tried to brew whole beans without grinding!

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I am an MLC virgin, as well. And I am absolutely a chocolate whore, so this is really a bad thing. *is that two confessions so far?*

Since I've had kids, I have served such things as the little frozen pot pies that you bake for an hour, boxed frozen salisbury steak, rotisserie chicken from the store that I've shredded up and tossed over a bagged salad with shredded cheese and croutons and Kraft dressing. I call it supper and we all shut up and eat it, though we are used to much, much better.

When DSW and I were newlyweds, I tried to make au gratin potatoes and used water instead of milk. He ate them, bless his heart. My mother tore into me when she found out, though, and said I was lucky he didn't ask for a divorce, LOL.

I always miss a bay leaf (or a cinnamon stick or a huge woody herb of some kind) when cooking things that call for them, and without fail, DSW finds it in his bowl or plate.

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This thread is great! :) Ok I have a few confessions:
I've never made a decent pie crust (that doesn't shrink away from the edges). I keep telling myself I need to just try it one more time...

I a MLC virgin too.

Perhaps the biggest confession: I don't like chocolate. I will bake with it all day, but I couldn't tell you the difference between a good chocolate and a bad one. That's what I have my dh for. He's a good taste tester!


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I don't like donuts......

    Bookmark   August 15, 2008 at 9:32PM
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I never ever make a pie crust-just can't. Use the Pillsbury roll out and smiled and said thanks! when my super duper baker friend told me how great my crust was!!!

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I love bisquick, biskets and inpossible pies, dumplings too.
Boxed mashed potatoes are better with a tbs of mayo added in the end.
I use Knorr sauce mixes when I am in a hurry or my sauce didn't pan out.
I don't bake pies or cakes
I don't fry, hate the after smell.
I am an MLC virgin
I have made dry coffee, forgot the water
I make frito pie but put lettuce and salsa on top.

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"I have made dry coffee, forgot the water"

OK, I'll confess. I have made both filtered hot water and dry coffee. I find that coffee is so much better when made with both water and coffee grounds.


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LOL, Jim, I've done both of those AND I've also forgotten to pour out the remains of yesterday's coffee and brewed today's coffee right into the pot, causing a flood onto my counter when the pot overfills...


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Oh! Dear! I use a senseo machine....really a no brainer....fill the water reservoir and it will make 3 huge mugs without refilling. Flip up the thingey and put a new pod in, sit your cup under the spout push the button my dear departed neighbor would say "it pees thought".
I have made it both dry, coffee less and without closing the "thingey" and it squirted hot water at me.
I am not good in the morning....

**** I buy canned goods and never use them until they are too old to risk.
I only use canned tomatoes, occasionally mushrooms, creamed corn little cans of B and M baked beans and pineapple, crushed, and chunks.
So....why do I have spinach, black eyed peas, fruit cocktail (eww!) kidney beans, chili beans and who knows what else?*****
Don't breathe a word of the above to anyone, especially my kids or they will think Mom is losing it!....and I'm not sure they even know what "it" is!!LOL!
Linda C

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After 40 years my husband still won't let me forget the first roast beef I tried to prepare - in a frying pan!

I still can't make my favorite old-fashioned fudge from the recipe on the cocoa can. I tried again just last night because I am preparing for a fundraiser bake sale. I bought a new candy thermometer just for the occasion. Now hub has yet another disaster to rib me about. It looked like tar. I tried to cover it up and throw it out, which only made matters worse. He and DD caught me and are still laughing tonight, asking for a "taste of fudge, please." Dozens of cookies, brownies, blondies, etc. available, and they tease me about fudge! Harumph.

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I'm an MLC virgin. But I have eaten it several times. I never sift and I am afraid of the self clean cycle on the oven. I donÂt fry anything except eggs.


If your kids ask about the canned goods just tell they you are prepared for an emergency! ThatÂs what I told my DD when she ask why I have canned B&M brown bread and canned butter. IÂm sure my DD thinks I have already lost it. LOL


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If I must:

I almost always make pancakes (but not waffles) from an add-water-only mix that I doctor with some vanilla and a bit of sugar.

I've never made MLCs.

I have never deep fried, scares me. I will happily saute, grill, broil, boil, steam, sear, braise, or stir fry. No vats of hot oil, please.

I like instant tea.

I have been known to use garlic powder.

I have cooked and served Rice-a-Roni. And fish sticks. At the same meal. With ketchup. But not recently.

I am terrible at grilling. I have been known to finish chicken in the microwave.

I have never made a cheesecake.

I have never made my own spaghetti sauce. Though I have doctored many a jar.


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I've avoided this thread long enough.

Being in culinary school, one would at least think I'm open to trying new things, right? WRONG!

I grew up eating meat, bread, and taters. And that's what I like.

I've never tried lamb, much less cooked it.

The very thought of trying sushi or rare tuna makes me gag.

I'd never made an omelet until I learned how in school.

I still get yelled at in school because I don't sift. (ha ha, and you can't MAKE me!).

The only thing culinary school has done for me is enable me to know that I CAN make anything I want, at any time, and that it WILL be edible!

I have boxed potatoes in my pantry. I prefer "kitty" tuna too (in oil, no less). I adore fish sticks with tartar sauce from a squeeze bottle. I love Red Baron frozen pizza. Rice-a-roni is a regular feature at our dinner table.

I prefer to bake and NOT cook. And I never made MLC's until we did it in baking class!

As Toby Keith says, "How do you like me now?"

    Bookmark   August 17, 2008 at 8:25AM
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I learned to can on this forum - but I find I don't love canned vegetables. I'm another fresh produce snob - I try to buy organic, but I will buy conventional and wash well. I do buy certain frozen veggies that hold up well (roasted corn, TJs green beans, peas, but never broccoli).

I try to read and post to the WFD thread but lose patience with loading times. I also don't want to be rude and post my meals without oohing and ahhing over everyone elses.

I have a wide appreciation of all foods, cuisines, textures and tastes in spite of my kosher restrictions but still can't get myself to like duck, tarragon, sage or black canned California olives.

I use mostly bottled salad dressings because I don't like making salads and I don't like vinegars - sour doesn't like ME.

I like to eat out - good restaurants, not chains.

I need a McDonald's Filet o Fish every once in a while. Ah those steamed buns.

I don't cook weekday breakfasts for my kids. They get their own storebought stuff out of the fridge/freezer. At least it's TJs items with no more ingredients than I would put in myself. That means they better eat it fast before it goes bad!

    Bookmark   August 17, 2008 at 10:25AM
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I have a new one! Just did it the other night! It has been so hot, I hate to have the stove on, so try to do most of my meals on the bbq. However, the other day I had some very good looking short ribs that I usually make Korean style, but was feeling horribly lazy, too lazy to grate ginger, mince garlic, slice green onions etc., for a marinade.

So, I browned them well, stuck them in the crock pot with some sauteed onions, 2 c of beef stock, some bell peppers, several smashed garlic cloves and.....

a packet of Lawry's taco seasoning mix!

About 7 hours later, I de-greased the juices and thickened them into a sauce. They were delicious!

I have no idea how that seasoning packet made it into my pantry, nor any idea how long it had been there. I have not (to my knowledge) purchased such seasoning packets since college. DH denies having anything to do with it being there. I may have to investigate seasoning packets again. :D

    Bookmark   August 18, 2008 at 11:19AM
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I will NEVER I mean NEVER make or eat sauerkraut!!! Add spam to that too!!!


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I can't eat seafood...allergic. Would kill for a bite of lobster with an EPI pen chaser...just in case!
I love my steaks rare.
I hate spam.
Mayonnaise is not allowed within 50 feet of me...absolutely revolting!

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