Canadian prescription drugs

Helen317December 31, 2003

Does anyone have any info. about ordering prescription drugs from Canada? I will be on Medicare in March and will no longer have prescription insurance. I'm investigating options. Helen

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Sorry, but I don't have any info on this. Besides, I thought that this was banned, or something. I don't know if you'd be interested in this or not, but there's a site on the web where you can get some prescription drugs for like ---$ 5.00--(at least, that's what they say)---just type in "free prescription drugs" and you should be able to find it. I think you have to send in 5 bucks for each prescription and they send a letter to your doctor.

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Thanks, Yellowhair. Guess I won't try to start a discussion on this topic as ordering Canadian drugs may not be technically legal.

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I handle matters for a relative. One drug is $157 for 30 pills (one a day). I went on GOOGLE and got a Canadian toll free number from an advertiser. I talked to them. For $121.00 I can get 60 pills. There's no generic and I asked twice if it was the identical drug I purchased in the U.S. The person said yes. They said nothing about new laws or restrictions. I've heard these are being kicked around but have not been implemented. QUESTIION: I feel uneasy that the drug may not be the same although I was told it was. If anyone has had ordering experience I'd certainly like to hear from them. Thanks.

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Candler, if you go to the message boards, you'll find some informative discussions there on Canadian drugs. Good luck!

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Please also investigate each drug manufacturer's website. Many have free drug programs for those who can't afford it. I looked into this for my mom, who was on Coumadin. You can also ask your doctor for as many free samples as he/she can give you. Some docs are very sympathetic and will help all they can.

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