Dents in wood laminate flooring?

kinikiaSeptember 29, 2012

We recently purchased a home that had Mohawk hardwood laminate flooring installed in many rooms, including the kitchen. When we moved in, we noticed many dents in the floor, and joked that she must have thrown pots and pans at him. Then I dropped a small perfume bottle on the bedroom floor and saw an immediate dent. The floor seems fragile, and I have noticed that some of the dents in the kitchen have penetrated beyond the laminate surface. Has anyone else had this problem?

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If your Mohawk branded floor is hardwood and not plastic laminate (think formica)...then I am not at all surprised you are denting the floor. Engineered hardwood flooring is very prone to dent easily.

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Thanks for the reply, glennsfc. I'm gong to look into any warranty, but I don't expect that to be at all fruitful, since we didn't install the floor. It's only a few years old.

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The inner layers of the laminate floors are almost always less expensive easier to work softer woods.

Even if you put oak other hard veneer as the 'show' surface, the crappy woad behind it still dents.

Keep in mind that woods physical hardness is NOT directly related to its status as a 'hardwood' or 'softwood.'

Balsa wood & poplar are hardwoods.

Douglass fir is a softwood.

Deciduous trees vs. conifers.

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