Installation tomorrow, floors still not acclimating! What to do??

Madeline616September 19, 2011


My engineered floor installation (floating floor over cement slab) is scheduled for tomorrow, and the flooring for 1 of the 2 rooms still has not been delivered to my home to begin acclimating.

This means they will only acclimate for about 20 hours total before installation begins.

Should I put of installation in that room until the floors have a minimum of 24-48 hours to acclimate? Some say engineered floors don't even need to acclimate.

Advice appreciated!

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It is correct that many do not require any type of acclimation. Check with the manufacturer specs on your product and insist the instructions be followed. A floating hardwood has less risk of an issue, but you should go buy the manufacturer specs.

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Depends on the ply orientation and thickness of the top wear layer... and most important, what does the moisture meter say.
Wood acclimation is not a time thing. It is a moisture thing. Wrist watches and alarm clocks do not measure moisture.

A balanced construction with equal ply thicknesses and all plies of the same species of wood, I would not have much of a concern.

Now, a manufactured board, with a thick wear layer and a ply core of different/multiple species of wood and thinner plies than the top wear layer, I would have a big concern.

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it depends what the manufacturer says in their instructions, because that is the criteria that a court will use if you have a failure and the manufacturer or retailer fudges, and you need sue them.

wood is hygroscopic in nature, so its all about moisture/rH equalization between the product to the area its to be installed in.

Go snag the install instructions from one of the boxes and start reading.

force the retailer to adhere to them to the letter.

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