Vinyl flooring directly linked to Autism & Neurological disorders

jaxgalSeptember 11, 2010

All of you who are considering laying LVT or VCT or any kind of vinyl in your house should be aware that this kind of flooring.... along w/ almost anything plastic... shower curtains, raincoats, boots,cosmetics, nail polish, car interiors etc contains a HIGHLY TOXIC chemical which offgasses toxic fumes - FOREVER. Almost all vinyl flooring is made w/DiButyl Phthalate. It is a carcinogen, an immune system toxin, neurotoxin and reproductive toxin as well as a hormone mimic. It is PROVEN to have a link to diseases like Autism, Neurological and immune system disorders.

I wouldn't have known this if I didn't check the Material Safety Data Sheet of numerous kinds of vinyl flooring because some companies were claiming 100% PVC flooring was "green" or "eco-friendly". IT IS's HIGHLY TOXIC. The chemical that off-gasses is persistently bioaccumulative meaning as long as you are breathing in the air or in physical contact with it, it will build up toxic levels in your blood, your urine and your cell walls.

Want Vinyl flooring because it's popular and cheap ? Or is your children's/family's health of any importance to you ? (this report is misleading and FAR underestimates the proven dangers of this chemical)

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Plastics and the chemicals employed in their manufacture have been around for more than half a century. Some of us are more affected than others when exposed to these created compounds. I remember having a chemistry set as a child that included some of the phthalates and phenols the articles describe. These were sold as toys.

The overall majority of workers in the plastic industry and end users have suffered no noticeable effects from their exposures, although many have been affected. And, this supposed link of these chemicals to autism and other neurological disorders is something that we need to investigate further, but it has not been scientifically proven to be the direct link you claim. It is a suspected cause at this point.

Certainly we need to know what is in our environment and how it can have an affect on our bodies chemistry. A similar thing can be said about genetically modified produce (vegetables) that is being introduced into the human food chain.

We can never rid the planet or our bodies from these human-made compounds and genetic food modifications, but we can limit our exposure.

Vinyl flooring is by no means the "cheap" flooring option. There are many sheet vinyl and LVT vinyl tile options that are as expensive as other high end flooring products.

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A number of citations that have nothing to do with vinyl tile, and correlation is NOT causation.

Does the OP know that half the people who wear blue colored clothes will die early?

What is dying early?
Dying before 50% of the group is a common definition.

Half the people in ANY chosen group are going to die before the other half.

And they ALL die eventually.

You should demonstrate to ban death.

It affects 100% of living people.

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