harman p38 not putting out much heat

tebo25uJanuary 4, 2010

I have 2 harman P38 1 put out great heat the other doesn't.

I'm using the same pellets and as far as I know both are set up the same. The 1 that heats good is direct vented out the wall, the other is vented up a chimney. I had a older p38 in place last year that put out good heat but bought a newer 1 and i'm not getting the heat. This year I'm burning hardwood pellets,last year i burned softwood.

Can anybody help me out.



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go to hearth.com and check the forums. I am having similar problems w/ my p38. seems like a great stove but I think I just need to clean it out more often and be sutre that all venting pipe gaskets and door seals are tight otherwise it wont burn well.

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