Information on anyone having MRSA

carmen_grower_2007December 10, 2010

My son-in-law has it and now my daughter also does. I understood that 90% of people have the bacteria on their bodies so anyone can get it. Seems if that is true it is a pretty big coincidence that two people in the same family have it.

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MRSA is a highly contagious, antibiotic resistant staph infection and must be aggressively treated with more current types of antibiotics to rid the patient of the infection. Anyone coming in contact with the infection itself, or the body fluids of one who has this staff infection, risks infecting themselves. Both your son-in-law and daughter should be under a doctor's care. Patients who contract MRSA while in a hospital are automatically quarantined until the infection is cured...and patient visitors must wear disposable gowns, surgical masks and gloves if they wish to visit a MRSA patient.

Please take heed [and care] if you're visiting your daughter while she and her husband are still infected. Their use of antibiotics does not preclude your becoming infected if you're not cautious and don't use the preventive measures mentioned above. The only way to assure that they're cured is by a laboratory blood test indicating that their white blood cells are back within a normal range.


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