Tooth pull and on blood thinner

catlady15December 16, 2004

does anyone know if they can pull my tooth because i have been up all nite with two of teeth hurting so so bad.I am on blood thinner and a aspirn a day.Can they pull them .I need help today.I am already on antibodic and pain med and nothing helps.I am in alot of pain.Thanks Judy

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Judy, my dad has to take a blood thinner but he was asked not to take it for a day or so before he had back surgery. I think you may be able to not take it just for today.... ask your dentist and also your doctor who prescribes the blood thinner -- don't just take my word for it.


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I might be too late - but Judy, I take blood thinners too. Ask your dentist what he recommends. They are very familiar with the situation as many folks take blood thinners. I've had dental work done with no problem. Dentists have local bleed-reduction stuff. But tooth pulling may be more bleeding than they want you to go through. Call your dentist and ask. He or she may want to check with your physician about your specifics also.

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i wanted to thank everone for their time.i turned out noone wanted to touch me unless i went in the hospital and came off blood thinner 5 days before they did any thing.i have been in LOTS of pain.So now my heart dr took me off and kept me on a aspirn and now i can start my teeth work,but i am trying to decide to try to keep my top teeth or just have them pulled and put false ones in.i have nothing but teeth aches all the time.i have several just broke off to the gum,they are very dentist told me she would if she was me just pull all that is left and use a plate [false] for the top,than my medical dr said let them replace the broken ones with a tooth that they use a screw to place in there.the brokens ares are what they call my eye teeth,or vein i will have to decide.but i keep a tooth ache and it hurts to eat anything.seems all the nerves are on the tips of all my teeth.judy

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My husband had oral surgery and was told not to take aspirin for a few days before.

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