facial hair with Rogaine use

carolj79December 17, 2007

Hi, I am 49 yr. old woman and have been using Rogaine now off and on for about 10 yrs. The results are not so great. I still have patches of thin hair in areas of the crown and sides of my head. I only use it once/day as instructed by a dermatologist many years ago. I have a great deal of peach fuzz on my face which seems to have showed up with the Rogaine use. The facial hair started just along my jawline but has now crept in toward my cheekbone area and it's quite noticeable. I am considering stopping the use of the Rogaine since results aren't very good and the facial hair looks horrible. Anyone with same problem or solution? Thank you all very much!

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I've never used Rogaine, but like many women in menopause, I started growing peach fuzz. The fuzz may not be from the Rogaine use and may have appeared anyway at this time in your life. I am of the understanding that Rogaine is not sytemic. What does the doctor who prescribes it to you say about the fuzz problem?

Luckily peach fuzz doesn't leave stubble with electric razor use. :) I can't have laser removal because my hair is blond. If your hair is dark and you are considering laser removal do so BEFORE your facial hair turns gray or else you cannot have it done. A friend of mine found this out too late.

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