Did I paid too much at HD? (granite countertop)

no_name2008February 21, 2008

perhaps a buyers remorse or cooling period setting in.

HD was having 10% off on their granites, got in and walked out with a contract in hand...

chose a Group A color Amazon Ubatuba, demi-bullnose (was $7.50 per foot extra), under mount finish, 4 holes, and DIY demo work. Bottom line total ended up about $51 per sq ft. That's without any sink or faucet purchase.

I still have a chance to back out since the template work won't get done for a while. I checked around today and couple places' starting price are $47, to my surprise.

Should I look harder for lower final price? Would I risk poor craftsmanship and after install service (local company close down later) should I see something in the $30s?

I know HD service is hit or miss, I found out the fabricators that'll be doing the work. Should I just cancel and go to them directly?

sorry for all the questions, it's a nervious decision!

Thank you!

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You're always going to find someone who'll lowball the price you've been given just to get the work, espeiclaly in this economy. That said, I've got two contradictory things to say. First, as you've already found out, HD is hit or miss, and I've seen just as many nightmares as I have happy endings. Secondly, the price you've been given really isn't that bad, provided you get what you're paying for.

One other thing-- You say you haven't gotten the faucets or sink yet-- you want to make sure that not only do you get those to them before they begin fabrication, but you also want to get a receipt from them that you've handed those pieces to them, so there's no question about it later.

As for going directly to the fabricator, they may very well have a no- compete clause with Home Depot just for that reason.

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Right, most of my local fabricators are actually charging higher on the granite price for the same ubatuba. I would totally get someone else to do it if the price difference was over $5/sqft, not found none.
Another reason going with HD is that, if any problem arise (knocks wood), I would have someone to complaint to. Chance of HD stick around for the next 15 years to stand by their warranty is much higher, then say a lot of the start up granite companies I've contacted.
And thank you Bill for the advise on getting receipt when they take the sink.

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