Can you freeze oranges?

vettinMarch 13, 2010

Some of the warehouses have larger bags, can the oranges be frozen so that they do not go bad? Do they retain their sweetness when thawed?

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they will turn to mush!
Either cut them up and freeze the sections or juice them and freeze the juice. But I wouldn't try to freeze whole oranges.
Linda c

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I wouldn't freeze them, either. But they will be good for several weeks--maybe even more than a month--in the fridge. I normally keep oranges, apples, grapes, etc, in one of the crisper drawers. I rarely put them to the test for long-term storage, because we eat them up so quickly, but I've kept gift boxes and bags of oranges and grapefruit in the main part of the fridge and never lost any.


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How did you want to use them after they were frozen? I would juice them and freeze the juice, and I have also saved the rinds and frozen those, when I wanted to save them for stock or similar recipes. When I had a Meyer lemon tree, I would freeze the juice and the rinds separately and use the rinds in making chicken stock. I have a new Meyer lemon tree (and a new orange tree), but I won't get fruit until next year. I use orange rind when I make Yucatecan chicken, and I had limes to mimic the Yucatecan sour oranges.


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Yes, you can freeze them - lemons, limes, oranges. Here are comments from the Harvest Forum:

· Posted by reba_grows northern WV (My Page) on
Wed, Oct 8, 08 at 18:44
I wrap individually well washed lemons, using saran wrap, then a layer of form fitting aluminum foil (so I always know what that little package is). Then I toss them behind things all over the freezer, on the door etc. When I need fresh lemon zest, I take one out, unwrap and zest the quantity I want, wrap it back up and get it back in the freezer before the lemon defrosts. If I need 'fresh' lemon juice I let the lemon thaw a bit on the counter, or microwave it a short while, then I can roll it on the counter to release the most juice from it, cut it open and squeeze- just like fresh! The only thing is, if you needed a nice looking slice of lemon for whatever, this isn't the method for you- the freezer tends to darken and muddy the lemon's inside color a bit and also makes the pulp softer.

· Posted by ruthieg__tx z8 TX (My Page) on
Sat, Oct 4, 08 at 16:51
I buy a couple of bags when they are in season and just toss the bags into the freezer. Usually stick them on the door and I use them for the whole year. If I don't remember fast enough that I'm going to need on and get it defrosted, I nuke it for a for me..I do lemons too and I have done oranges when they were getting past their prime.

· Posted by bejay9_10 zone 9/10 (My Page) on
Sat, Oct 4, 08 at 23:06
We grow orange, lime, lemon and mandarin oranges here. I freeze juice regularly, and - lucky me - have some kind of vitamin C all year round. I like the small size ice cube trays - 1/2 in x 1/2 in size cubes - just right for many uses. (It is also nice size for chicken broth cubes). Incidentally, I freeze whole peeled mandarin oranges in pint sized freezer containers - when ripe from December on -the product is far superior to canning them - almost fresh tasting when frozen, but have an "off taste" when done BWB.

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