Double whammy at my doctor visit

cheerful1_gwDecember 8, 2010

Went for my semi-annual bloodwork yesterday (for my cholesterol). When the doctor took my blood pressure, she had a funny look on her face. I kidded her saying "am I still alive?". Turns out my blood pressure is 92 over 50. It was also very low 6 months ago.

I thought I had a urine infection (cloudy and sudsy urine), so I gave a sample. She told me there was protein and blood in the urine, but they'll know more after they send it out for more tests. It may be a kidney infection, which may explain the pains I've been getting in my lower back.

This time of year is depressing enough for me, without all this going on.

Just wanted to vent; thanks for listening.

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Hope all turns out well for you........I just went through the bladder and kidney tests as I saw blood in my urine. Found nothing....but makes you wonder where the blood came from. I wish you a good bill of health! Jacque

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Do either of you do the aspirin therapy. If I take them daily I will have blood in my urine in a couple of months. Even with baby aspirin.

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my DH has low blood pressure, he doesn't smoke anymore but he still drinks quite a bit and he still has low blood pressure. I tend to think it's one of those things, we don't all fit the mold and where as someone else would end up with high blood pressure, his never even gets up to what would be considered "normal" even when he does eat salty foods or drink alcohol regularly. Obviously if you're on blood pressure meds you would want to cut the dosage but I just think some people are this way normally.

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I take a baby asprin every day with my vitamins. I've never taken blood pressure medication. Hopefully this is "normal" for me.

I internalize everything (especially lately), so it surprises me that my pressure is getting lower.

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I can't answer about the urine thing but my blood pressure is normally 80/50 and even though I mentioned this to my dr, he wasn't concerned at all. My only problem is that I get dizzy when standing up too fast. I've never smoked and I'm generally healthy, except under weight.

It did scare the nurses when I had a minor procedure. It was 70/46 and I nurse was ready to pull the emergency cord.

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Dehydration will cause blood pressure to be low. Are you drinking enough water every day?

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"It may be a kidney infection, which may explain the pains I've been getting in my lower back."

If its a kidney infection then you might want to consider curbing your intake of soda/pop until you find out more.

Women Who Drink 2 or More Diet Sodas Daily Double Their Risk of Kidney Function Decline, Study Shows
By Kathleen Doheny-WebMD Health News Reviewed by Louise Chang, MD

Nov. 2, 2009 -- Diet soda may help keep your calories in check, but drinking two or more diet sodas a day may double your risk of declining kidney function, a new study shows....

Links that might be useful:

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Just saw this post:

Years ago, I had protein/blood in urine - felt absolutely fine - it was a surprise

Turns out after a kidney biopsy, I had "membranous glomerulonephritis" - which meant protein in urine from kidneys not filtering properly. I had always been in great health, continued eating well - they gave me blood pressure meds for kidneys (not bec of pressure problems) and 9 years later, the protein spillage stopped and I have been in remission for years.

I never felt sick.

You never know what is going on in our bodies. I had it and never knew it. Luckily, it did not manifest into anything else - kidneys are perfect. Very strange disease but could be serious if not looked after.

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