All that glitters! (Orlando Airport tile)

decor_divaFebruary 8, 2006

Hello All!

Has anyone noticed the tile in one of the shops at The Orlando International Airport, that sparkles as the overhead lights hit it?

I also saw this tile at Forever 21 a new shop in our local mall. I am trying desperately to locate the exact tile this is. Appears to be a metal flake in the stone that goes wild when the light hits it. I would LOVE to put this in my kid's bathroom!

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Is it a mosaic tile? Try

I thought I remember seeing this tile at Expo.

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You are the very best investigators I know, With your help -I am confidant we will track this tile down! :)

This is what I have learned so far...
The name of the Orlando airport shop is "Swatch." A Swiss shop. I was told by their customer service that the tile is made "just for them" by a company in Switzerland. Hmmmm...

Forever 21's customer service told me that their tile was made in Korea and is a Terazzo tile with tiny slivers of glass and mirrors in it.

All I know is they both look very similar. A striking effect when the overhead lights dance on them. Looks as though you sprinkled sparkly confetti all over the floor. They are large (perhaps 16X16) square tiles.


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You can get the same effect from any of the "pearl" granites (Black, Blue, Emerald, or Brown), as well as Black Galaxy.

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