white mark under toenail

plasticgardenDecember 8, 2007

I have this white thing under my toenail.When I try to trim the toe nail to get rid of it,it looks better,but always comes back.

It is kinda thick looking,and flakey.I dont know how else to describe it.

Does this sound like a fungus? It is only on the one big toe.

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That sounds like toenail fungus to me. That's the way mine started, but not on the big toe. You can search in the search box below to find the other threads about toenail fungus. There is also a pill that can be taken, but I would not do that.

I tried Penlac (expensive), tee tree oil, and Vicks with no luck. Finally I filed the nail down a bit from the top (not the end, but on the flat part) and have put straight vinegar on it 2 X a day, and it's looking much better. Almost gone, actually.

I wonder if there is more than one kind of fungus because some people say Vicks worked for them, but it sure didn't for me.

Try to do something about it. My mother had it on all 10 nails. She had to go to the dr. every few months because the nails get thick and painful. He trimmed them down for her, and that helped a lot.

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It really sounds like fungus. I had it on mine from spa pedicure, never again. I tried the prescription and reacted terribly. I continued using tea tree oil, vicks and debrided and trimmed as often as I could. It finally cleared up. DH has had it all his life and we've tried almost everything. It's been getting better with gunshot pedicures with corn meal soaks, listerine, vinegar & hydrogen peroxide, tea tree oil and heavy trimming. I also understand bleach works also. You just have to be persistent and see what works for you best. Do not let up on any treatment for a good while. I also heard SSKI is good for this but have never tried it.

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What is SSKI?

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