Can anyone recommend good Medciare Supplement Insurance Co.

leibrookDecember 27, 2008

If this is an acceptable subject on this site, I am searching to find a good well rate Medicare Supplement F insurance plan. Can anyone recommend one? I have looked on, but they give 57 companies....a few too many to research in the short time before year end. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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I just signed up for SecureAdvantage, run by United Healthcare, but I was mightily tempted by one of the Anthem programs, as their monthly cost was lower. You really do need to read the details, as they differ from one plan to another. Call some of the toll free numbers and ask for a representative to come to your house, or to explain the plans over the phone. Or, look at your Medicare 2008 booklet and find the pages where they compare various plans and give them ratings, according to stars. What state do you live in ?

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Hi, woodnymph2,
Thanks for your reply. I will check out Secure Advantage. I am looking for a Supplement F plan, which is considered to a Medigap program, but the prices vary quite a bit from company to company. It pays what Medicare doesn't. It costs more than the Advantage plans, but it sure does help. My sister had an Advantage plan year before last and had all the co-pays, etc. I had suggested a Supplement (Medigap Plan) to her. She switched to it and it paid all her expenses....she had unexpected open heart surgery this past year. Was so glad to have the Supplement F plan. Thanks for your help. I'll go check them out.

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So--- which plan did you finally go with?

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Well, getting back at little late, but couldn't sleep and saw my old post. I live in Texas and plans vary from state to state. But last year I went with United Amereican's Supplemental plan F on the advice of an insurance agent. It paid well, but the monthly premium was high and it went up quite a bit for 2009. I like the Supplement Plans because they seem, for me anyway, to pay the most. However, it was pricey so I did some research for 2009 and there are quite a few of them that I could get to look at through Texas Insurance online. My husband was in the military and we had previously had USAA auto insurance which is tops. I checked and it has a AA+ rating, so I we with them at half the price. It's the same coverage that I had before, Supplement Plan F. All Supplements, from company to company cannot vary, except for the price. So do check it out. Also, be sure to check the financial strength of the company you choose by going to I also like to choose a minimum of an A rated company. If you need any help, let me know. Medicare was not very helpful, neither were some of the local state insurance organizations. I have learned a lot since first becoming eligible for medicare. Thanks and good luck to all. Remember prices vary very much from company to company, but the Supplement you select is the same from all companies.

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