The Deadly Might of Thoughts and Feelings

Konrad___far_northDecember 28, 2013

Your brain can heal, [or not] allot of things, it all depends,... have a look.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Deadly Might of Thoughts and Feelings

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This is a phenomenon which is amazing the mind has the power to cure or harm. Dr. Richard Bandler who was the cofounder of NLP once was going to market placebos and only used the scientific studies results. For example placebos work 60% of the time to cure headache pain ect.. This phenomenon has been studied over and over again and has many results to draw on. The idea of the though and not the medicine is the cure and the opposite is also valid. He was going to put on the label only the scientific study results.
The FDA said that it was too dangerous. The FDA on the other hand OKed vioxx which killed nearly ý a million people.

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