Another Smartstrand Question!

newlywed2011September 14, 2012

We are putting down about 1300 sq ft of carpet in our upstairs and the stairs. I love the Smartstrand softness. However, we can't decided between a texture/plush or a frieze. We're purchasing it at Lowes because of their financing for 12 months. I know names vary by store but we are looking at Voyager (50 oz) or a frieze Pender. They are the same price.

Does anyone have any input of a texture over a frieze? Will one wear better or be less outdated?

Also, we are thinking of the lightest color available which looks a creamy white. Have you used a carpet this light and will I live to regret this? No kids. Just me and DH and our non shedding, non- peeing- in- the -house dog :)

Also, I'm posting this in a couple of forums for as much input as possible. THANKS in advance!

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We have the Smartstrand plush. I think its the 60oz weight--we got ours through our local dealer, however Lowes calls the one we went with Lucky Star if I remember right. We absolutely LOVE it! The length of the pile is a little longer than most (though not as long as the frieze) and gives the carpet a nice transitional feel--not too formal and not too casual. It is absolute luxury to walk on especially after a long day in heels. Love, love, love it. We went with the Paper Moon color which is a shade of very light creamy white. Stain removal has been a breeze. Dry dirt comes out with the vacuum. DS2 cut his foot and didn't realize it until he'd tracked quarter size blood smears across the hardwoods, then over the beautiful white carpet in his room to his bathroom and back. I nearly passed out! Plain tap water on a clean cloth dabbed gently on the stained areas took the blood stains right out. Took me all of 5 minutes tops. You can't even tell the carpet was ever stained in 1 area much less the 30 or so spots that were involved. Did I mention that I LOVE this carpet?!?

So yes, I would definitely recommend the Smartstrand in either the plush or frieze. If you are at all worried about the frieze looking too casual, I'd go with the Lucky Star. With this carpet, you will not refret going with a light or even white color, IMO.

Hope this helps!

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THANKS for answering! Paper Moon is one of the colors I'm considering. Do you have any photos of how it looks in your house? Still torn between the colors! It's so hard to tell by that tiny little swatch.
I'm going one step below Lucky Star. It's Voyager, 50 wt.
I think we're getting a good price though!

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I don't have any pics downloaded right now. However, I can tell you how we ended up choosing Paper Moon--We knew we wanted a white/off-white/cream color, so we went to the local dealer and got our hands on some sample cuts of carpet in all the colors we were considering. Then we placed all the samples on the floor in a row in the rooms we were carpeting to see how they looked with our natural & artificial lighting and shadows. We were able to eliminate all but 3 rather quickly. Then it just came down to whether we wanted a stark white (Grecian Column), a softer white (Paper Moon) or a beigey white (can't remember that one's name--it was eliminated next anyway). We have been very happy with the color and I would recommend it if you're looking for a soft looking white color.

Now, how to get larger samples than what they have at Lowe's--If you go into a carpet store that has the Smartstrand, they will have a large display with squares of carpet samples in every color set on the diagonal. Inside that display are more sample squares in each color for customers to take home & test out. The squares are the same size as the ones on the front of the display (about 5x5 or 6x6). While they're not a door mat size sample, they are larger than the samples in the books at Lowe's. If you need a few of one color to show a larger area, that shouldn't be a big deal either. When you lay the samples out, I would put down a piece of plywood, a bed sheet or blanket to cover existing carpeting as it will give you a blank slate to work with to make your decision.

Hope this helps!

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