Huffing bodyspray?

ruthannDecember 17, 2003

I sort of believe my 16 year old grandson is huffing. He uses AXE Deodorant Bodyspray and I recently found about 5 empty cans in his room, while snooping. The 2nd ingredient in it is butane, which I certainly never knew was in a deoderant. I have also found bottles of White Out and rubber cement in his room. He denies it of course, but I don't know............... I've told him it can be fatal, but he still denies doing it. Anyone else ever have a problem like this? Ruth Ann

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Oh my! It sounds like he is definitely huffing. Is there a drug hotline in your area? Maybe they have some advice on what you can do. Counseling would definitely be a thought. As bad and dangerous as the huffing is, finding the underlying reason why he is doing it is as important as getting him to stop.

I'm so sorry you are dealing with this! Kids think they are so is hard to reach them and make them realize how dangerous this is.

Here is a link I found with an 800 number:


And here is a general google search that may have some good links:
Google search

And here is another one, with articles you can print out and perhaps show him. Plenty about teens who died this way.

More Google

((Ruth Ann))

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Ruth Ann, I just want to add to definitely follow your instincts. Despite his denials, he IS huffing. What you found in his room is not normal. I would also check your outdoor trash...he knows you are aware and he will probably try to "hide" things better.

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I agree with Weed, RuthAnn. Yes, huffing can be fatal. It also dramatically destroys brain cells, and can lead to other drugs. My guess is that his friends are doing it, and they seem fine to him, so in his mind what's the problem? Like Weed said, kids think they're invincible.

I hope he will accept the help he needs. Keep us posted.


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This is her 16 year old grandson...

You people dont get out much, just because i have that crap, what makes you KNOW im huffing...maybe i use that stuff in school? isnt that what its for?

well just to tell you...AND IM NOT DENYING IT...i use the white out because i draw on my work, the teacher gives me white out...and we dont give it back...The glue is one of my friends, Eriks', and he puts a bunch on his hand...balls it up...then throws it at kinda like throwing wads of paper...and the axe is to cover up the SMELL OF SMOKE...also because maybe it smells good around women?

you people need to look at it from a kids point of a computer programmer...and im not gunna do a drug that can kill me....i tend to like life a bit more than that

Have a great day,

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Ruth Ann's grandson,
5 empty cans seem to me a bit excessive.
Just because you have computer smarts does'nt mean you have common sense smarts.
Anyone can tell you it's dangerous,that does'nt mean you'll listen.When it hit's close to home,and you lose a friend or someone from your school dies or is forever in a coma,then you might wake up..... oh I forgot you're not into huffing.
Let's hope then it never happens to any of your friends.
I'm sorry,but it would seem rather hard to ignore the signs.
Your Grandmother loves you and is just doing her best to keep you safe.Do'nt get upset with her just give her reason to trust and believe in you.

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Dear Ruth Ann,
I am a grandmother and I just last night suspected 'Strongly my grandson is huffing also .
I am terrified . I have research this on the net and found out a lot that I had forgotten about this stuff.
My grandson is 13 and his grades have started falling . he is so sweet . I haven't noticed much difference in him as I don't usually see him except on Sundays at church . I am keeping him while son and wife are vacationing out of the country . My son is not a dummy, nor my daughter -in -law..she's a middle school teacher at his school.
I found a huge can of lighter fluid, a body spray with Butane being the second ingredient, and two cigarette lighters..I don't know how the lighters play a part in this however..
If you or anyone on the forum have any information ,PLEASE post back..I'm alarmed and worried sick !
Thanks, Victoria

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Typical close-minded answers..."A lighter!, disregard the incense and candles, he must be smoking that crack!" Other uses for Axe other than huffing: Things that stink and maybe making a flamethrower out of utter boredom from the over-bearing chains of authority that make everything into some drug scheme. Come back when you find a meth pipe or a at least some track marks. Old thread is old. Also, /thread.

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Fack, YOU are the one who brought up this "old" thread, you must have done a lot of digging to find it. Something about "protesting too much"???

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@Michelle it's called Google and it takes less than a minute to find a forum article as low as this one...

@Fack I know right, I make axe bombs all the time.

this thread could of had potential if it actually helped people. But instead there are too many dumb ass ignorant people without common sense in the world...

My advice to people huffing axe is to find some marijuana instead... no one has ever died from smoking it.

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So you were Googling "huffing bodyspray"? That makes it even more funny!

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Really sad, I hate it for you Ruth Ann because clearly you love your grandson. It's too bad that getting high is what he is doing at 16. My grandson is doing the same thing so I know your pain.The fact is there is nothing you can do to wake him up. Most likely he will have to hit bottom or something very bad happen before he realizes just how he is screwing up his life. I have seen it first hand. Don't believe him when he says he's not doing it, he is. Most likely he don't even wear the stuff just huffs it.

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