Wavy hardwood floor

alexh1000September 29, 2011

Hi all,

I did a very complex HW floor install myself and had it professionally sanded/finished by a large firm. I paid top dollar because I know that low bidders gernarally do poor work.

There are actually 2 rooms. One room is near perfect in term of sanding. If I lie down I can find a few uneven spots but I'm very happy with it. Here is a pic.


The other room has some drum marks (a few are OK IMO) but the floor also has what looks like dishout everywhere. There is really not 2 sq ft of this floor that does not have dishout or wavyness. Although I took the pics in reflected light, it looks even worse at night with normal room light because you can see the whole floor. I have been told this is normal but honestly I can't believe most people would accept this.



Often the dishout occurs right at a board end but it's also common mid board. Do your think they spent too much time on the buffer with soft pad? I know there are lots of techniques now to reduce dishout such hardplates, special 3M pads etc. and a top firm should employ these methods.

Other problems that make me think this firm is sloppy-

1. One of the cherry strips has nail holes and had maple filler in them because they rushed the dry time on the filler and the cherry filler was partially sanded out. I had to drill them out and refill myself(this was after the sealer was applied). The next day they told me they check everything but then why did they apply sealer over an obvious defect!#$

2. Almost all of the nail filler holes have pinholes and are shallow.

3. There are light orange stains on the floor. I selected tinted Bona sealer and perhaps it settled more in the rough spots but IMO this should not happen. I can see some cases where the stain runs across boards so I think it is related to sanding and not so much grain variation. Here is a pic where it occurs on a drum mark.


They coming tomorrow to do a recoat since they admit that there are lots of brush marks. They say this might help the dishout but I think it will actually make it more obvious!

I called a NWFA Inspector but I don't really think I have much recourse here. I can live with the floor as is but nearly everytime I enter the room (depending on current lighting) my eyes focus on the waves.

Thanks for any comments

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If you can post your photos directly in the message instead of just links, it'll make it easier for the lazy folks among us to respond.

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Good room

bad Room 1

bad Room 2

Stain (I'm thinking this may have been caused by the cherry fill)

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Most people would accept what you have there. Maple is an extremely difficult floor to finish on site, due to the tight grain and the light color. Perhaps it could have been a little flatter, but it is not terrible. The staining could be a burn mark, but without seeing it up close, there's no way to be sure.

Nice floor.

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I see some sanding irregularities and some finish streaks, along with a dirty start mark, but I can nit-pick any installation and refinish, even my own!

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Here is a link that might be useful: Finishing Hardwood Flooring Info

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