Please help - can't find a review anywhere

cianaSeptember 7, 2010

I haven't been able to find any consumer feedback on the Shaw Epic hardwood floor line. Specifically I'm looking at the Shaw Pebble Hill 5" Hickory. Can anyone here provide some feedback on the Epic line?

Is the finish as durable as Shaw claims? How hard are the micro-bevels to keep clean?

One sales guy I talked to poo-poo'd the line as "basically laminate with a veneer of hardwood on top" while two other places crowed that it's their best seller and I'll have no complaints. The first guy sold mainly Mohawk and the other two had huge Shaw displays, so I'm guessing there was quite a bit of bias in the responses I got. I would like to hear a real review from someone who can be objective.

I'm looking for a medium-stained color 5" plank and have a concrete slab in Texas. With my DH and two rowdy boys, I'm looking for something that is not high maintenance and can stand some wear and tear. If the Epic Pebble Hill is NOT recommended, what would be a good substitute that is?

Many thanks in advance.

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We sell both products. Pebble Hill is one of or better sellers. We have sold and installed pallets of it without 1 complaint to date. The comment regarding the laminate with a veneer over top is fairly accurate. The word veneer should not be used rather a hardwood layer. The unique core gives it a greener and much more stability than most others. Epic also has the new scuff resistant technology which actually places the aluminum oxide layer on top of the finish which makes it many times tougher to scratch or rough up the surface. Are you installing yourself or having the store install for you. emAIL ME AND i WILL LET YOU KNOW WHETHER THE PRICE ON THE PRODUCT SEEMS RIGHT.We get the lowest wholesale numbers from shaw possible as we are a huge Shaw Store. We are also Largest Mohawk Store in our district. Email me with more info. Thanks.

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Thanks for the feedback, echo. You say Shaw's core is much more stable than others. Does it also stand up to water damage better than solid wood? I realize wood and water do not mix and would not expect any wood product to fare well if drenched. However, it seems to me that compressed wood products would bubble and remain swelled once dry whereas solid wood may dry back with less perceptible swelling. Is that just a misconception on my part?
I did send you an email as well. Thanks!

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They claim it is better. They actually use the waste from trees to create it using 1/3 less timber to create the product..if my memory serves me. I do not feel the swelling will be any different from one to another. Engineered products in general (Like Epic) are much more stable than any solid hardwood, although you always have to be careful regarding water. Good Luck.

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Did you finally install your floor with the Shaw Epic product? If so, how do you like it?

Thanks for your input.


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I was looking at this same Shaw product and chose to go with strand bamboo instead. My contractors managed to gouge one corner and put two nail scratches in it, but my kids have been great on it. I have 6, so I keep figuring one of them is going to scratch it eventually, but they haven't. We have only had it a few weeks/months, so it's still new.

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Sorry for the very very delayed response. Life interrupted!

Thank you very much to Echoflooring who encouraged me to go ahead with this product. We LOVE it! It installed beautifully and our installer was impressed with the product. Everyone who visits thinks it looks fabulous and so do we.
So far it's been pretty durable (it'll be a year in October since install). We do get some small nicks and chips here and there but I have two rough and tumble boys and we don't baby the floor. A little bit of Old English on it and the nicks virtually disappear. The distressed finish helps a lot there!
We've been very happy with the product but I also got it at an excellent price point.

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I know this is an old thread, but I'm looking for some advice on Shaw's Ironsmith Maple, Epic engineered hardwood in Harness maple. I need to make a rather quick decision since my things aren't coming out of storage until flooring is installed. Echoflooring, not sure if you are still on here, but I'd like to email you for advice as you suggested the original poster do the same. Thanks!!

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Looking at using Shaw Rosedown hickory. Any reviews?

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I would love any information regarding the Shaw Alberta Brushwood Engineered Hardwood Collection? Building a home and definitely going with Shaw but torn on color. We want hand scraped and darker with light accents to hide dust/doggie scratches. Any help or advice?

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