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paprikashMarch 10, 2012

I've had my KitchenAid food processor for quite sometime now and am just starting to use it. I think I bought just about every grating disc and chopping disc I could for it. Anyway, I would like to start grinding my own pork and beef (especially in light of "pink slime"). Which disc would you use for grinding with a food processor or should I spring for a stand alone meat grinder? I have a heavy duty mixer with every attachment imaginable, too, but I keep the mixer down South and the food processor up North and since someday both kitchens will become one I really don't want to buy another heavy duty mixer.

Thanks for any advice,


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I have an old Cuisinart, but I use the standard metal blade and cube the meat, semi-frozen, too. Run small batches. I think Cooks Illustrated did meat grinding in an article (or TV) on best hamburgers.

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PS, just give it a couple of pulses, check it, then a couple more. Do not just turn it on and let it run. Pulse pulse check, repeat as necessary.

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I also use the standard metal food processor blade with semi-frozen chuck roast that I've cubed. I purchased the 13-cup Kitchenaid FP last fall mostly because we've been grinding meat. I can easily grind a full pound at a time. To get it started, use the pulse feature. Then, I put my KA on "Slow" & it's done in about 30 seconds, maybe a bit less. Fast, easy, doubt you'll ever buy ground meat again. The Cuisinart does not have a "Slow" speed so be careful not to over process & make mush.

We like the texture of home ground so much better in everything from tacos, meatloaf, burgers, to casseroles.


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I also use my food processor to grind meat, I use the semi-frozen meat/metal blade/pulse method as described by sushipup.

Elery and I did 25 pounds of Italian sausage and ground all the meat in the food processor. I do have a meat grinding attachment for the KitchenAid, but never use it, I prefer the food processor.

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Thanks, ladies - you just saved me a trip to Bed Bath & Beyond because I thought I needed a meat grinder. Now I'm looking forward to using my food processor for this. I've kind of semiretired so I want to start making bread and grinding meat and doing a lot of things I never had a chance to do before.


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