Laying laminate/engineered wood floor upstairs over Allure vinyl?

Kay20September 18, 2012

Hi all, I've been a long time "stalker" on this website for any questions I've had whilst I've been doing some DIY renos with my mom (nothing major, though). Anyway, a couple years ago my mom had me rip up her old, 22yr old carpet to lay down Allure vinyl planks until we were able to afford well made laminate or hardwoods. The planks have served their purpose now, and next spring we're planning on laying the new laminate or engineered hardwood floors (floating of course). So do I need to rip up the Allure, and take it back to the subfloor? or leave it be. Also what's the best underlay to use under laminate or engineered? is there a different kind for different flooring?

I should also mention the vinyl was installed directly over the plywood (?) subfloor (which is level) in the LR, Master Bed, and Hallway. and applied over 70's linoleum sheets in office and my room but isn't much of a height difference right now.

Thanks :)

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