Cause of my leg cramps

deb_paNovember 2, 2011

Don't know if this will help or not, it may not be your problem. I started having leg cramps, really bad charley horses in the thighs and calf about 15 years ago. Also the toe thing where the toes cramp real bad and don't want to stay straight. One evening I was listening to Discovery Health and a man described my symptoms exactly. His problem ended up too much iron in his bloodstream. His body made it and his only cure was having a pint of blood taken every week. The new blood would take a week to be filled with iron. Anyway I remembered when my daughter was an infant and getting baby shots the nurse said it was strange that 2 children at the office had high iron counts. I asked if the other child was my girlfriend's son (she was staying with me at the time and we were at the doctors together) Yes, her son too! So I bought a water purifying system and using the cleaned water within two days no more cramps. If I get lazy or busy and use the regular water within 2/3 days cramps start again. It's crazy because up to 9 different people have lived here, used this water with no complaints, only me. There seem to be so many different reasons for these cramps, I just thought I'd throw my experience into the mix in case it could be answer that might hit the mark for other people with leg cramps. I get regular blood work twice a year and have never had a high iron count but it must be something in the water that my body just doesn't deal with as it should.

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I also have problems like that but it is arthritis and have seen a specialist. To much Calcium can also cause the same symptoms.

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What you're describing sounds like hemochromatosis.(sp?)I worked with a man who had this condition and had to have routine tests and when the iron level got too high, he would "give" a pint or two of blood to lower the levels. Not doing this can cause severe liver damage. Point being. Be absolutely sure the water is the problem. Could be causative but still not control the problem enough not to cause liver damage. I would still have the tests to be sure. If after a period of time and with the dr's approval, stop treatment. Oh yes! He would go several months without a problem before the levels got high enough for a "donation." quotes are because the iron rich blood is discarded but he went to the blood bank to have it done.

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If you have a low potassium level you can have leg cramps
ask you doctor for a blood test to check

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