Refinishing Hardwood Flooring Vs. New Engineered Wood Flooring

Chucas11September 29, 2011

Hi everyone,

As I begin to embark on ripping out all the old carpet on the 1890 colonial I just purchased, I just had a quick question.

In regards to the cost, value to the home, and what people want to see, would I be better off refinishing the old hardwood flooring underneath the carpet (if possible) or just installing new engineered wood flooring? Thoughts/opinions?

Thanks in advance!


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Even without knowing the kind of wood or condition, I can't imagine replacing wood flooring in an 1890 home. In my opinion, the value is in the original material. If the floor is in good condition, it may not need sanding at all; a screening and recoat might be all that's necessary and the patina would be retained. There are many threads on this topic, try searching the Old House forum. I live in a converted schoolhouse built in 1890. The fir floors had been covered with layers of linoleum, glue, paint ... they were a mess.. but looked awesome after refinishing. That was years ago and I'm planning to have them screened soon (aka buff and recoat.) What kind of wood is it? Do you have photos?

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Beaniebakes, Please tell me what you mean by screening and a "recoat", a recoat of what? Thanks.

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