Dentist...unexplained mystery!

Konrad___far_northNovember 2, 2012

I never had problems with any Dentist but on my last visit to reapair a cavity on the lower far back mollar came to a 2 hour horrible experience after he just pulled out the needle for freezing. Within a instant I couldn't talk,..just barely whisper, my whole throat was numb, could just barely breath, not swallow or cough, had to be on suction constantly. Of course I was worried, so the Dentist, he nearly send me to hospital. He checked my heartbeat and blood was sky high, around 170 over 90. Dentist thought that I had a medical condition,...never had high blood pressure.

A couple of weeks later I had a complete medical...all is fine.

Any idea of what had happened,...did any of you experienced something like this?

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What a scary ordeal.
I wonder if the numbing medication had epinephrine (aka adrenaline) in it?
Usually is is included because it constricts the blood vessels around the area numbed to help control bleeding.
It can raise blood pressure and pulse rate in susceptible people.
I am sensitive to it so I always remind my dentist or doc to use the plain Novacaine or whatever it is they plan on using.
I am glad your medical exam went well.

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Freezing causes crazy reactions or no reactions (as in no freezing) for me. I recently found out I am allergic to sulphites and yeah, novacaine contains it. You probably had some sort of allergic reaction - I know, call me Sherlock Holmes. Unfortunately, it's pretty difficult to get to the bottom of what the reactive ingredient was. Next time you get frozen for anything, just be sure to give a heads up as to what happened last time. Not a pleasant experience at all. Also, bring a Benadryl with you to help afterwards should you feel any discomfort or weird feelings. Make sure it's non drowsy if you don't plan on being home in the next hour.

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You all been so helpful,...thank you so much!

I've switched Doctor, have a appointment the end of the month, hopefully all is fine, ...I will point this out of what had happened.
I'm 59 years old and never had a problem in the past, not afraid to see the dentist but from this last incident I have mixed feelings.

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I'm thinking of what might have happened,..when the Dentist pulled out the syringe on the very back lower molar, a droplet of the freezing fell down my throat onto the Uvula, which then caused the whole throat to be numb.

Is this a possible explanation?

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Sounds like it may have caused some of your problems.....especially if it contained epinephrine.

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Thank you Carol,..guess I'll never find out the exact cause of this.

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