Speaking of scams.....

DLM2000July 9, 2014

Yesterday there was a segment on NPR's Tech World about computer malware that actually holds your files hostage and demands ransom! If you don't pay within a specified time frame, everything is deleted. I was astonished but I guess absolutely anything can happen. The person on NPR was far less optimistic about combating it than this website is so I don't know if it can be overcome without paying the ransom or not.

Who knew? I sure didn't.

Here is a link that might be useful: PC World on Ransom-ware

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I've seen it mentioned on the national news and I believe the Today Show . . .

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dlm2K, thanks so much for the link. I'm going to print it out to keep on hand.

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Thanks DLM. I hadn't heard of this. Sad what these creeps do.

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