how to get responses to your posts?

browneyes776February 12, 2014

I'm truly asking for advice here to see if there's something that I'm missing in terms of garnering responses to posts.

I get a little frustrated when asking for opinions and advice because it seems like my threads drop off the page and into oblivion more often that not. I post and offer help and advice to others more than I ask questions so I feel l like I'm giving back and helping out, so it's not an issue of being a complete unknown and only asking questions.

Anyway, if you have any thoughts to share it'd be appreciated. One issue could be that I don't tend to post pictures of my own house which can make it hard to picture. Another issue I could possibly see is that I've asked questions about topics like subway tiles, white paint, quartzite that could possibly be over discussed but on the other hand I'd think there would be lots of opinions and help too.

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Carrie B

Hey browneyes,

I know how frustrating it is to be seeking help and not getting it.

I was curious & did a search on this forum using your name - I saw four posts over the past couple of months, and they all got at least one (and generally several) responses. Were there other posts of yours that did not come up in my search?

In my last month or so of reading this forum, I've noticed that a lot of the questions that got few (or no) responses were about specific products: "What do you all think of x manufactured by y?" and I suspect that, in those cases, maybe the asked-about item was not one of the commonly available & used products. So, maybe nobody answered because nobody knew.

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I think it matters who's checking in to GW at any given time. One thread on white paint (for instance) will get all kinds of responses and then another one not so much.

I know pics of anything get more clicks. How about a thread titled "Is this grammatically correct? (and paint question)" or "My new German hippo hair broom (and tile question)." Ok, I'm trying to be funny, sorry.

Don't know.. I've posted things that died without so much as a how do you do, and other that I wished would die and wouldn't.

But pics are always good. Everyone likes to see pics.

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Photos, ideally in the first or second post. Sometimes the topic is hard to visualize, but you know what they say about one picture. :)

I rarely comment or even look at threads about layout. I'm a total non-expert. I have opinions, but they're not based on science.

I find a lot of what I've learned at GW is serendipitous. Little off-topic bits stay with me.

I wouldn't read too much meaning into few responses. As someone upthread mentioned, it can simply be the time of day and in no time a post can drop off page 1, esp. if it's had any replies at all. I do appreciate very explicit subject lines, not "what do you think I should do?" or "how can this be?"

Some people have no interest in white kitchens. I have one, so I'm always happy to chime in on a paint color.

Don't give up and don't take it personally.

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Although I've been a member for several years, my presence is hit and miss and I'm not aware of any specifics regarding how your questions are posed.

Pictures are a huge help, so that could very well be a factor. I know that what I imagine is not always the reality when someone DOES choose to post a pic later.

Sometimes you hit a slow time.

Also, it could be the readers don't have a good answer for you.

Don't take it personally and try to include pictures. The more info you offer from the beginning, the more likely someone will chime in to help.

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Pics and diagrams rule. Without those included, you won't get as many responses. People are visual creatures.

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And by the way - it's really nice to have some genuine help to what could be perceived to be a whiny thread!

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This is how you do a post that will get the maximum response. The problem is laid out well, with pictures that illustrate the written description, and then the solution is given a realistic economic parameter that the suggestions must meet. If you go to that level of effort on your part, others will go to similar lengths for you. :-)

Here is a link that might be useful: Keep or change bones of 60's southwest ranch kitchen?

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Here is a thread that addresses the issue of getting more responses.

Here is a link that might be useful: how to get more responses

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Pictures, and Deedles idea of a lively title. Mind when you post- Christmas, the Superbowl, a giant storm, all of those might justifiably reduce traffic here on a specific day, and sometimes if it isn't on the first page it isn't seen.

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L_W_O - thanks for that sample. I'm done with most of my majors and I'm onto minor changes in my plan. I see how the level of detail is great. I think I've been most disappointed with the threads where I've explained the most because it seems like they don't get too much feedback. Maybe I should have more shamelessly bumped them!

debrak - thank for that thread. I never really think about the timing - I'm sure that makes a huge difference. There were many good tips peppered throughout those posts.

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I wouldn't feel guilty about bumping your own thread especially if it's at a different time of day than your OP. Sometimes it helps. I've done it myself!

Now I'm off to find your threads...

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I agree about pictures and details. I'm really lazy (or don't have much time), so I rarely bother to follow links if pictures aren't included.

I'm not a color expert (not even close), so I don't usually even open a thread asking for color help. Same with quartzite - I wouldn't have anything to offer.

I'm not afraid to offer my unprofessional opinion, but the list of things about which I know nothing is quite vast! Appliances, cabinet brands, range hoods, Silgranit sinks - lots of topics I don't usually open.

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I just wanted to add that while I usually don't offer much for layout help, some of the ones posted are really hard to understand. Ikea is bad. I can't tell what each square is. The best layout diagrams I have ever seen are the ones buehl does. I know she has explained it before in a thread how she does it. They are just so easy to understand!

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lov_mkitchenIOWA zone 6b

Late to the party, but, are you posting on this forum or the kitchen forum? Kitchen topics get much more exposure than conversation topics. You are in conversations now.

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Well, I posted diagrams with detailed information about how we use our kitchen, traffic patterns and the layout of the entire house. I posed specific questions and concerns. I gave family make-up, cooking habits, yada yada. All the things people usually ask for. I did everything recommended to get responses and I got one. One!

Like the OP, I have been reading here for months and have been contributing for about two months so that I'm giving back as well. Hoped it would give me some goodwill. Nada. I was so excited to finally post my plan and couldn't wait to wake up this morning to start reading responses. My post is now one away from scrolling to page 2. I'm very disappointed.

Will bump regularly for a few days and hope for something. Sorry to whine. I needed the vent.

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In case someone reads this, there's a post with this topic - it's linked below. I think it focuses on layout help, but a lot of it applies to all types of posts.

Here is a link that might be useful: Thread: Getting more responses

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