Line Set Replacement Cost! Help!

mpintaJanuary 7, 2011

18 months ago I had a new Trane XL 20i installed on my house. It replaced a 12 year old goodman. My house is 13 years old and has the lineset buried under the slab going upstairs. I have had sub par cooling on this unit since day 1. They have now discovered there is a leak on the high pressure line going up to the air handler. I tried to get this covered though the original install since the unit has been looked at time and time again and this there new reason I am losing charge. All the tech did was use a halogen sniffer around the ground sleeves to determine. I was never offered a new lineset at all during the installation. I have second thoughts if they really ever pressure tested from the original install. Now they say they ae taking my case into consideration by quoting me $1025 to do the work. The set is estimated at 50ft going up the wall of a 2 story about 20 and the remaining 25 across the attic to the closet upstairs. I am questioning the price a little due to what i have read on other posts. Also considering that is 20% of what I paid for the whole unit.... Opinions??

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They aren't doing you any favors, Get at least another quote.

Also whoever does it shoud make sure that there isn't anymore to do especially with the lineset being that long.

Also whoever does it should pull a vacuum and change the filter drier if there is one on there. If not a suitable liquid line filter drier should be installed.

also a micron gauge should be used to determine that there aren't any other leaks

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Am I to understand that a new line set was not installed? Is the new equipment R22 or R410a? I'll assume the old equipment was R22; correct me if I'm wrong.

In either case the line set should have been changed.



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Hindsight is 20/20..... I had 7 quotes only one contractor wanted to change at the time of install. he was adding additional 500 dollars to do it then...I have no drier or micron indicators on the line either which is just making more upset....I am pleading assistance and a 2nd opinion from another company.. Yes it was 22 to 410a... ugh...What is a fair price... I am south fla.

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You won't see a micron gauge installed on the lineset - it it just a tool that should be used during installation but will not remain on the lineset. Also, the filter drier is inside the outdoor unit itself -- this is common in many manufacturers.

The $1025 price for the lineset is sky high, and they certainly aren't taking any 'case' into consideration in terms of adjusting price.

What made you choose this company of the 7 total companies you met with? Did you bring up the idea of a new lineset with this installation company? Either way, a new lineset isn't always required or feasible if proper procedures are followed for reusing the old.

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We are having the same exact problem. We got ours installed through Marcucci heating and airconditioning. Have had a horrible customer service experience with them. We are now going through getting estimates from other companies to complete the job.

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