I need some advise

catlady15November 23, 2005

I had gallbladder surgery about 6 weeks ago.I am sick again.My gallbladder was working 4%,and so it had to come out.But Sunday we had our thanksgiving meal at church.I woke up sick monday,and all day tues.I am hurting like i did before the gallbladder was removed and so some friends that has had the surgery said it was because i ate some rich food sunday.They said they were not able to eat rich food after their sugery without running to the bathroom and being so sick.Any suggestion.I am suppose to see a stomach dr Dec 12.But I need help.My mother n law will not like it when i say i do not want nothing to eat for the thanksgiving meal.But I can not atempt to eat.I have tried several stomach med before I eat and still so painful.Thanks so much for any help.Judy

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Tell your mother-in-law that you cannot eat anything that is fatty like gravy or butter. You cannot digest it. If she doesn't like it, that's too bad. But she may just understand that you are still under a doctor's care and are still healing from the surgery. He should have given you a list of foods that you need to stay away from.

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that is what my husband said about the drs.I am suffering,and am searching on the computer for list.I think that is what is wrong that my stomach just can not take the rich foods right now anyways.I love them but when you are in pain like I am you will give up anything.I am on ice cream and milk right now.thanks for your time and advise.judy

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Judy - - please call the doctor and get back to see him/her before Dec. 12.

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thanks ever one.they are sending me to a stomach dr.they said the surgery is ok.they said i should not eat any rich food.but i hurt just like i never had the surgery.today is my thanksgiving with my mother n law.wish me blessing.i will just tell her she can get mad but i truely can not place those rich food in my body.i have been sick since our thanksgiving meal last sunday at church,.i do not want to eat and i have lost 14 lbs.my husband is worry.my surgery was 3 weeks ago.should the places they went in my stomach be closed up?my is open and so so red.they said some people do not heal up right away but what concerns me when i go to pick up anything off the floor i get so so nausea.can someone tell me if this is normal.thanks.judy

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Catlady, I really think you should be asking your doctor these questions. He/she can tell if you are healing OK for your age, weight and general health. Strangers here on the Health forum could accidently give you some bad advice. Please see him AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. I don't think you should be having problems with your incisions this long.

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pb thanks sure will.

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PB is correct that you should be asking yoru dr these questions. Normally your gullbladder stores and releases bile, which was made in the liver, after you eat a meal that contains fat. The bile helps you digest the fat. After your surgery your liver and area around where your gulbladder used to be, will hurt if you eat foods rich in fat. so as your dr probably said, you should stay off fat for awhile. you should never feel bad if you are doing something like not eating high fat foods when you are recovering from gullbaldder surgery. this is your health and it is more important than pleaseing someone. you just need to explain to your family that right now you can't eat high fat diet for medical reasons. i am sure they will understand. Like i started out saying, you should talk to your doctor for a post surgery consultation and check up. make a list of questions you have before you go for that visit, but dont wai to see the dr.

best of luck

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