Returning an item to a seller on Ebay

berlin66February 27, 2007

Anyone do this before? My husband purchased a large lot of hinges from a seller on Ebay. Unfortunatley, not only do I hate the style but they won't work on our cabinets. We haven't received them yet but I already know I want to return them to the seller unopened. I have sent an email to the seller explaining these hinges will not work and I would be returning them. I understand there is a 20% stocking fee. I was just wondering if anyone has had a problem doing a return on Ebay before? Any experiences anyone can share?

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If the seller has indicated s/he will take a return with a 20% restocking fee, you should be fine. Don't expect him to waive the fee - he is out a sale, plus fees.

Send another letter to the seller (should be through the seller's link on eBay so eBay has a record of the exchange) after shipping the hinges back- preferably UPS. UPS will send the tracking number to your and the seller's email addresses through Quantum View- ask for this service. The letter should contain the tracking number for the shipment. It should also contain a statement to the effect that you would like notification when the sales amount of X minus the 20% restocking fee as agreed-upon has been credited to your PayPal/Visa, however you paid it. Also that you appreciate his time, sorry the sale did not work and that you hope to do business with him another time.

Always check the box that sends the email to your OWN email address as well- and save all correspondence.

If you haven't heard from the seller about 3 days after the package has been delivered, send a pleasant email through eBay again to the effect that you've been notified of delivery and would appreciate credit to your PayPal account within 3 days.

Most sellers will have posted credit by then. I'm assuming your DH checked the seller's history and feedback and it's good?

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Thank you! I checked on the history and feedback when I was looking for return information and the Seller has a pretty good rating. I sent an email to him asking about a return or possibly a simple exchange wherein I will pay the difference. Hopefully I will hear from him soon.

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