Damaged floors installed in new space

EMC2011September 30, 2012


We just added a room to the back of our house and the time came to install hardwood flooring. Within a little over a week they were installed and finished. A week or so after they were installed I noticed that many of the pieces had holes/damage. I haven't seen any bugs or tunnels. When i told what i had seen to the guy who installed them (a long time friend of ours), he said there was nothing to worry about, that the at one point there were bugs in them back when the wood was on a tree (or wherever) but not anymore. When i had a terminix inspector come out for our annual home inspection, he said they could still be living in the floors but didn't see any damage in the rest of the house. (however he couldn't check under the new space because there are layers of foam insulation). I live in NJ btw. Other friend told me not to worry because wood goes through some sort of processing before being sold (?) for stuff like that...and my husband thinks that the several coats of polyeurothane from finishing the floors would have killed them. Of course, i am still doubtful which is why i'm posting here. is this a wait and see game? i agree he should've never installed floors with so much damage (i have to also point out that from afar they look great, but when you look closely you can see the holes).

thank you!

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wood is kiln dried after initial cutting to remove the excess water in the growing tree.

This kills any insects in the wood.

Wood for use in T&G flooring or engineered flooring undergoes a lot of processing.

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