Entrance Door...thoughts?

decor_divaFebruary 12, 2006

Since I am having no luck with my search for the sparkly tile - next project! :)

Our house is a cape cod style. Brick, with earthy - warm tones to it. Shutters are dark green. Upper dormer windows have black iron window boxes with herbs and greenery spilling from them. The inside of our home is an old world style ...ummmm with a kick!

What do you think of this front entrance door? I love the look, hubby is not so convinced.

I am out of practice on photo and link sending. Will attempt the door first - then the inside of our home. I still need to get some outside shots. Thanks all!

Here is a link that might be useful: Front Door, go with a brick cape cod?

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And, here is a feel for the inside of our house.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kim's house

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Man, you just described the house I grew up in till I was 10 to a "T"!! WOW!! Talk about deja vu!!

Oh, and that front door is incredible!!

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That front door is definitely incredible!!! I think the door will work, especially considering the iron window boxes and shutters.

Kim, your home is just beautiful.

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That is something Bill ...sure you didn't grow up in Indiana? :)

Thank you Pauline.

I do appreciate your thoughts on if you think this door is in keeping with the style of my home.

Personally...I am getting tired of most doors looking the same. Our area runneth over with the beveled glass cut outs.

Funny...I have had this "look" in my mind, snipping similar antique doors from magazines - stroll into Home Depot of all places, found this one and loved the thing!

Here is a photo of the door with the sidelights. Looks like the iron grid is on them also. Very cool...

With the right light fixtures and mailbox...Mmmm...Mmmm ...!

Here is a link that might be useful: Door with sidelights

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What do front doors that are original to Cape Cods look like?

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In our area of early 1940's capes, all of the capes had some version of a panel door with little glass windows on top. Some were slightly more elaborate or unusual, but that was the general theme.

I love the door. Not sure about it with a Cape, though. Do you have pics of the exterior of your house?

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That is something Bill ...sure you didn't grow up in Indiana?

Nope-- the house I'm talking about is in West Haven, Connecticut, right around the corner from Yale Bowl.

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I think it looks too much like a fortress door, which would be too heavy for a Cape. IMHO, a six panel door, stained, not painted, would more fit the exterior style of the house.

Good luck.

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I too think that this door will overwhelm a cape cod, it reminds me of a door for a large chateau-type of house. What about a four paneled door with four small windows across the top, painted in whatever will pop with your brick. I also like a brass kick plate or house numbers, generous door knob/handles, a knocker (which would work with the type of door I'm describing) or a lovely wreath. I really think that freshly painted black or red or green (or whatever deep color) front doors are stunning. They are so vibrant, they invite you to go right on into the house. I've also seen doors that are stained wood, finished with a a glaze. The result is a breath-taking door that looks like fine furniture. I'm in the decorating "camp" that leans towards being true to the original design of the home. My favorite part of my multi-room remodel is the entertainment center in my family room. It looks like a large break-front type bookcase with cabinets forming the base. You cannot see any cords or electronics, but it's absolutely stuffed with a tv, dvd player, cd player, reciever, a boat load of speakers, a boom box, all of our new batteries, headphones, CDs, videos, more speakers, a game cube and all of that paraphenelia, walkie-talkies and even flashlights, plus anything else electronic relating to entertainment. It looks like it was built when the house was built, rather than a year and a half ago. I wish I was more careful in the look of my kitchen. Oh well. Live and learn.

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I think the front door would look lovely with your interior, but not so great with the exterior. If your Cape is like I imagine, I think the door needs to have only about one-quarter of the style that this door has. Perhaps you can take some of the features of this door (dark stain, iron fixtures) and apply those features to a more 'ho-hum' door that would be more appropriate with a Cape. You could practice on the door that you want to replace, and then if it's a no-go, you will not have spent much more than your time finding out.

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Cape Cods round here have the kind of door desctibed...paneled for about 66-75% of the lowere part with narrow panels and a curved widow pane at the top. Imho, the door you suggest would go well with a stone Tudor which could take the heavey Olde English look. Maureen

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Kim, (vasheri here)... I have a traditional house with gabled dormers and shed dormers on the front of our home. Had I found this site I'm sending you before we had our door installed, I would have bought from this company. I can easily 'see' one of the doors on the site below on your home. Personally, I wouldn't 'push' the arts and craft type of door, but would find something to compliment the other elements you mentioned. See what you think....

As for my home, I bought one of the HD Feather River fiberglass plain 6-panel doors x with full-leaded glass sidelights from their Silverdale Collection. I paid over $2,500 for my "plain" door and glitzy sidelights. (I also have five exterior doors...and all are fiberglass. They rarely dent, don't rot, and are 'bully' proof. =D)

I could kick myself after hearing about the site below from another part of gardenweb. There are MANY people from 'here' that have bought from this company. I wouldn't hesitate to deal with them at all. I hope you find something suitable. Let me know.


Here is a link that might be useful: Gates and Doors Site

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Thanks everyone!

Ahhhhhhh Sheri, LOVE that site! Now we're talking!
ASAP I will attempt to get a picture of the front our house on here, maybe then choose a door from this site.

I see some nice traditional doors with "punch" to them.
Just what I want...

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