such pain in ball of feet

mzmintNovember 10, 2006

Boy does this hurt. I have real pain in the ball of both feet, one worse than the other. it seems that it could have started from a pair of high heel sandels. I walk a lot in my job inside on tile and outside a lot (real estate) I do a lot of AT home barefoot walking but I guess I am changing my ways! I have made an appt with a podiatrist for next week but wondered if you had any ideas. It is closer to the big toe area of the ball of foot, some burning on one toe. I have come up with a pair of old naturlizers and finally have some relief (even with my pj's on..cute)Is this that Mortens that you have talked about?

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I have fibromyalgia and this is one of the things it does to me too. My feet ache on the bottom, I have numbness in a few toes too but it is caused by nerve damage in my low back. DO you have any problems with your low back? Sciatic, etc?
Things to do for it are water exercise, therapy pool, YMCA has them sometimes. Not a the regular pool, too cool. Also while sitting down roll your foot over a tennis ball then a golf ball. DO this slowly and it will help stretch some of the muscles spasms out.
I am a little new to this site, kind of checking it out all out. Met some nice people so far on the Hummingbird Forum and the Pets one. I used to be a dog trainer so I try share my knowledge a bit when I think I might have something people want to hear.
Hope that your feet feel better. Hot Epsom salt soaks are great too.

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Get as pair of Dr. Scholl's sandals for arch support and wear as often as possible. I suppose you have tried those pads the drugstore sells that attach to a toe and fit that area? Buy those wooden rolls that dancers use to massage your foot. Also, try doing moderate exercises to stretch out your hamstrings. (I had this problem when I did a lot of ballet years ago).

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I went to the podiatrist and his first thoughts are Morton's Neuroma, he made a small pad for the outer edges of my feet to try for three days, from there it could be Cortizone shots if it does not get relief from the pads. I told him I wear heels all day but I can stop and he said no just wait and any shoe should be Ok so we will see as time goes. I still think it could be more of a pressure issue with heels but maybe my feet are still just sore from this nerve issue. They are better thus far with this temporary "pad" however.

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I wonder if the pain near your big toe could be the beginning of a bunion. But I am sure you Podiatrist would have spotted that.

Male podistrist, right? The heel may have been ok, but men just don't know how we squeeze our toes together to get them down into a dress shoe. It just isn't a natural fit. And with the heel shoving the weight down farther, it's bound to increase any problem.

There are some good looking walkers on the market today. I think it would be well worth a try to get a pair.

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I had severe pain in the ball of my foot when I was younger, and had to get custom made orthotics, which helped enormously.
I have what I think is a neuroma now. It stings sooooo bad in my toes, after I walk awhile. My physical therapist gave me (sold me) a generic orthotic with arch support, and put an additional cushion under the metatarsal area. Its helped alot, but I still get the pain intermittantly.
I really think you need a custom made orthotic. They have helped me out of several bad foot problems.

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try fish oil capsules and turmeric capsules. Will work wonders for you.

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After two podiatrist vists..First he placed a "bandage" on the outer edges of bottoms of feet and said see if that helps, it is likely Mortons neuroma. And it is exactly that. Then next visit since that did help he cut two pieces of "Spenco" (40 bucks each!!) You can also buy 2 for ten bucks at shoe stores like Champs. I can draw a sample for anyone that wants to cut one. They are shaped funny. It goes in each shoe all the time and makes all the difference in the world. I wear a bit bigger shoe so it fits better and the New Balance tennis shoe with this pad in it also. Some days it can bother a bit but not like it was. I will try it for a while as long as it works...and will check on the capsule idea from above . Not sure why that could help but who knows.

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There is no doubt that high-heeled anything isn't good for our feet, back, and the joints in between. I'd start wearing lower shoes even if he doesn't say you need to. I haven't worn anything with more than a 1-inch heal since I don't know when, and I doubt I ever will again. I have foot problems (degenerative arth in both big toe joints, high arches, and bone spurs) and I wear comfortable athletic shoes and custom orthotics every day. OK, you don't need to wear athletic shoes every day, but something with a lower heal is a good start. Our feet support the rest of our body which is a lot of weight. With high heals, more of the weight is distributed toward the front of the foot. I think you know what you need to do..... :-)


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Oh, and my custom orthotics are like heaven to me! I don't go anywhere without them and I don't buy shoes unless my feet feel comfortable in the shoe with the orthotic also inside. I almost never have back and hip pain anymore (unless I don't wear them) and they help support my high arches (the most problematic foot type). They are worth every penny, one of the best investments I've ever made.


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Jenn what sort of doctor did you go to to get your orthotics? I am having lower back pain and I know I need an orthotic because one leg is slightly longer than the other. (also have a mild scoliosis).

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Woodnymph2, from my podiatrist (foot doctor). Initially, I went to her about pain in my toe joint, and x-rays revealed a host of other problems. She prescribed orthotics to support my high arches. They were custom made to fit my feet. I love them! I too have scoliosis and wearing the orthotics has relieved the problems caused by that too. If I do any baking or cooking that requires standing in the kitchen for a long time, the orthotics make an amazing difference in how my back feels at the end of the day, especially if I also wear my athletic shoes. Orthotics aren't cheap but insurance paid for most of mine, and they are worth every penny I paid. I can't imagine that any off-the-shelf orthotic from a drug store could come anywhere close to supporting my arches like these do.


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Jen, thanks for your post. I've never been to a foot doctor, but guess I will have to find one....

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I had this too and googled "foot pain" and of course there were several descriptions to choose from. I found one that sounded just like mine. They included some exercises to do and recommended a foot brace to sleep in at night. I've done the exercises and wear the foot brace and it has helped a lot. Just do some research on the net. WebMD is good, or just google til you find something.

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Much better --Morton Neuroma-- after many months. I have put the Spenco inserts in my shoes (I have several and sometime I have to tape them in) that the doctor recommended (in each and every shoe) since the beginning. I have some bad days but mostly it is very good. No barefoot or walking even at home without the foam "cut" inserts. I have found that sandals will work if they have a back strap, no flop-flopping in sandals as it must put pressure on the foot holding onto the shoes. I have bought lots of shoes but find I am able to wear most shorter heels with this Spenco insert in the shoe. I buy at least a size bigger to put the foam insole in. I hope this might help somebody else because it hurt so much before this.

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Hi mzmint,
I'm glad you wrote again, since I have some questions.
I've had so many foot problems in my life. Recently, a new one started up. I had intense stinging in my toes. I couldn't even walk. I have a wonderful podiatrist, who has always cured my problems, but he moved too far away. I foung an ortho doc who specializes in foot and ankle problems. He said I didn't have a neuroma, and sent me to PT for a generic inlay with a little pad under my metatarsal area. That helps a little.
Then, a few weeks later, I developed horrible pain and stiffness in my metatarsal area. I limped badly. I went back to him and he took more xrays, offered neurontic, and that was it. I talked him into custom orthotics, since I thought the generic ones weren't working well.
I got the $275 custom orthotics, and 4-5 days after starting to wear them, my knees hurt so bad I am actually using a cane part of the time! (I had knee surgery in July). So I've spent close to $1,000 at this doc's, and I'm worse than when I started!
My question for you is: Did you doc actually feel a neuroma, or did he just go on symptoms?
You mentioned some spenco pads you are wearing. Could you please explain to me where you put them on your feet? I truly feel this doctor, even though he's highly respected, is just not doing much for my feet. He wanted to give me the drug Neurontin. It ticked me off, since he hadn't really dealt with inlays well enough first.
Anyhow....please let me know how you use your pads. Thanks!

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