No standard measurements for contact lens Rx??

soozNovember 27, 2004

Hi, everyone!!!

I'm continuing my search for good vision with contact lenses. I really didn't like my torics, so now I'm trying rigid gas permeable. So far, so good!

I want to get a spare pair (these are sooo much smaller than my very first contacts years ago!!), but apparently not all manufacturers use a standard of measurement! I've called WalMart and they said it would be a special order and cost me over $150 for a pair!! I went to 1-800 contacts on-line, and they don't have rigid gas permeable. I went to coastal contacts, and they have a variety of types, but I've heard that your contact Rx has the specific brand of contact you were fitted with (sorry to end that sentence with a preposition!).

Can someone please explain why the diameter for one lens mfg (say Accuvue) is different for another mfg (say, Bausch and Lomb) ?

Wouldn't ya think that diameter is diameter and it's a standard unit of measurement, like in millimeters?

Same thing goes for measuring base curve...isn't a curve a curve and measured the same mathematical way?

Juuuust wondering... cuz I'm confused!




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Well, I've been hoping someone else would know the answer to this, because I don't. I started wearing hard contacts in 1969 and switched to gas perms in the early 80's. I've never ordered a second set, but my first sets have run about $150 and replacing one lens is around $85-90. I did experiment with monovision and now effectively have a spare pair of regular lenses. I'm not sure that keeping them stored in the same solution for such a long time is a good idea, though.

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I wear monovision's also, and have a second pair for backup. Long term storage of your backup pair should be in a dry case. (your soaking solution would dry up anyway long term, so just store them dry)

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I'm guessing that the "brand names" are rather proprietary, so they don't want folks to buy generics of the same specifications at a cheaper cost. They'd be out of business in no time at all.

I've worn "hard" contact lenses for 32 years. Been wearing the gas perms ever since they were "invented." Been there, done that with the monovision - hated it. I have true bifocal gas perms now. They're great!

Why not just ask your eye doctor (from whom you got the gas perms) what it would cost for a spare pair?

Paula is absolutely correct. For long-term storage of "hard" lenses, you should clean them thoroughly, then put them in a clean, dry contact lens case. Put a piece of tape on the bottom that has the date, and any Rx info that you might have.

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Lindsey_ CA pretty much said it all in a nutshell
having started wearing the hard contacts in my early teens
and switched to the gas permables in the 80s ,i have tried the soft contacts and i found them to be harder to get used to as i was told by my optometrist to put them directly
on instead of sliding them up and into place .
but one of the downsides to the rigid gas permables is that
when dust or other forgein matter gets between you eyeball and the rigid lenses it can really cause one to mutter vile threats and obscenitys until you learn to live with it
but i have found the best solution is to rinse the lense off .

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