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andrea131September 13, 2012

We are about to install Pergo XP flooring in highland hickory throughout the main level of our home. We originally chose this floor because we like the color, texture, the width of the planks and the ease of installation (we can install this floor ourselves). We also thought it would be a durable option with 4 kids and a dog. I am now second guessing my choice and I am wondering if I should just stick with real hardwoods. Does anyone have any experience with both hardwood and Pergo that they can share? Or if anyone can weigh in on this particular floor that would be great too. Thanks!

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With 4 kids and a dog..sounds like a very active household. Most will be much happier with laminate durability. Laminate will handle an active household much better than hardwood. Hardwood will immediately begin to show surface abrasions with a very active household. I am a hardwood advocate but I do know and preach that in a very active household, install laminate for peace of mine. and you purchased a pretty good one.

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I am in the middle of installing 1200 sq ft of Quick Step Laminate right now because I am on a slab, wanted to float the floor and have a pair of 60 lb mutts that tear around the house all the time.

Currently, in my old house, I have solid oak floors and they scratch it up with their claws everytime the doorbell rings. I can (and have) sanded it up and refinished it and then it just kills me to have them scratch it up again!

I debated between engineered hardwood and laminate for this house and opted for the laminate because most engineered hardwood can only be refinished once or not at all.

I have the living room, dining room and one hallway heading to the bedrooms laid and it is going down easily (once you get used to how the floor tries to shift when you tap in pieces). It looks great and everyone that has been in has commented on my beautiful wood floors!!

The sound when I walk on the floor is not exactly like hardwood (although who knows what hardwood would sound like over a slab) but it doesn't bother me at all. If it holds up under the dogs, I am going to be very pleased I think.

I considered XP but couldn't find a color and look (gloss level, wood like embossment) that was exactly what I was looking for but I found it in Quick Step.

I bought 5-6 extra boxes and figure if there is a place the dogs wear the floor, I can pull it up and replace it later as I am planning to downsize my dogs next time around!

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Yes Floortech we are an active household! Not to mention at any given time half the neighborhood can be in our house...

Thank you both for the reassurance. I don't want to be stressed out about my flooring so I think we will forge ahead with the Pergo.

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One tip I read from some pros was not to waste saw blades cutting your laminate on your table saw or chop saw. The stuff is so hard and the angle a miter/chop saw attacks it is wrong.

So I have done almost 100% of my cuts with my 5 1/2" cordless Ryobi circular saw and a cordless Ryobi jig saw. I used a metal guide on the saw for the lengthwise rips and just cut the boards to length on a marked line, freehand. I've only put about 2 boards in 600 sq ft on my table saw to rip. I use my jigsaw on cuts for my heat vents and anything else where I need to change direction.

It was a good tip that I never would have thought of myself and I would have had $150 worth of saw blades to replace at the end instead of $25.

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Thank you haggs, I appreciate that tip. I think using a circular saw or jig saw will turn out to be more convenient as well.

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