Painful Spots of Roof of Mouth

housefulNovember 2, 2004

Has anyone had these? Every once in a while, I get a painful spot on the roof of my mouth. It will go away after a few days. There is no broken skin and they are definitely not canker sores. They feel like those huge pimples you can't see but can feel that I would get as a teenager. I'm baffled!

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food related? I get them if I eat too many mangos.

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I get them from eating anything with sharp edges, like crackers. It doesn't seem like my mouth should be so sensitive and it doesn't seem as if it consistently happens, but some things like corn chips or bread with a hard crust seem to do it every time.

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I get them from certain foods too. They go away in a few hours for me. Also when I used to eat pizza I always had sores on the roof of my mouth just behind my teeth. My husband had the same problem with pizza.

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I had a feeling maybe it was food related. I will try to keep track of what I eat when they show up. Thanks.

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I used to get them. With a little thoughtfulness I figured out that they came within one week of a visit to the dentist. Turns out I'm allergic to latex!
Kathy G in MI

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Could they be pockets? I have pockets on my tonsils, it hurts when they fill up, and will eventually push the food out from pressure or when I cough or yawn. You can usually see white (food) spots if it is pockets.

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I don't think they are pockets. They are very solid and not really raised that much. It almost feels bruised. I don't have any right now, so I am going to try to keep track of what I eat and see when they appear again. Actually it is more like "it" than "they" because I usually only have one at a time.

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It is probably not pockets because eventually you would cough and some of it would be in your mouth. I have one on each side and they get red, but later as they pack full you can see the white stuff sticking out. Nasty stuff, yuck

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I get these quite regularly. But they always come after eating sour sweets, or specifically Cadbury chocolate, or diet coke. I always thought it was aspartame or some other dodgy ingredient (E-numbers etc). The whole roof of my mouth feels covered in dimples/pimples which I can feel but nobody can see! I thought it was just me until I saw this blog.

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I get them all the time - including right now. Eating apples seems to be a problem because they are hard and tomatoes because they are acidic. Uncooked walnuts bother me a lot too. Mine take several days to resolve.

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I get them too, but I get mine eating cereal, especially if they have a jagged or square edge like cornflakes or Life cereal. It starts out feeling like little cuts that swell up, they are gone in about 2-3 days.

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it feel like it is painful to the touch anything i eat that touch it it hurt a little basicly it just let me know it is there and there are some small black spots up there also

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I have had an irritation in my mouth for almost a year now. Started really bad when I a crown put in. The sores would come up in different places. Some seemed more like an irritation - red scrapes, others were more round in nature. I went back to my dentist, to an oral surgeon, my regular doctor, had food allergy tests done, and even saw an ENT. Everyone was pretty much in agreement that it is called Burning Tongue (tongue can get sore with certain foods) and is a virus that comes and goes. It is not contagious but I still make sure no one drinks or eats from what I am using. Mouth rinses from the dentist help - Biotene over the counter helps as well. ENT has me on a good B complex vitamin and keeping hydrated is very important.

However, I just had a tooth removed and was talking to this new Oral Surgeon. He thinks it might be a Galvanic Reaction to all the metals in my mouth from crowns, gold bridges, and fillings. He says it actually causes a small electrical current that keeps the mouth irritated. He says he usually sees it in women, and has also to do with other elements in the body like potassium, zinc, calicum.
Makes sense to me since this has really started since having the additional crown and some new fillings. Its not an allergic reaction to the metals, just the fact that there is so much in the mouth and the body chemistry. I do have some food allergies, like strawberries, almonds, walnuts, oats and when I eat these, my mouth does get worse. However, the allergy doctor says most allergic reactions to foods are stomach issues like indigestion, gas, etc. although I do know my mouth is tender all the time and these things do make it sore.

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My spots arent On the roof of. Y motu they are On my rounds and laso On my inner cheecks what can cure this plzz answer im in pain

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Go get the Biotene Mouth rinse. It is the best over the counter product you can use. It soothes the areas and can be used as much as you need it. Avoid carbonated drinks, alcoholic drinks and very hot beverages. Keep drinking water and take a good multivitamin with a good Vit B complex.

If it continues go see your dentist or an ENT. They can give you a prescription for a rinse called Miles Solution. It contains an antifungal, a little steroid, an antihistamine. It helps too but if its like mine, which comes and goes all over my mouth, nothing cures it. There are other reasons for sores, like infections stemming from other things so maybe you should see a doctor. Have you been to a dentist recently for dental work or do you need dental care that has not been done?

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It has to be the Cabury chocolate... I have one right now (which is how I found this blog) and the only difference in my diet right now is a lot of Easter chocolate... maybe the person who started this post got their sore right after last Halloween.

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I haven't browsed this forum in awhile, and was surprised to this post.

I never did figure out the cause, but I don't think I have had an issue since. It could be chocolate, but not Cadbury. I don't think I've ever had that brand.

Now that I am reminded of this, I'll ask my dentist when I go next month.

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I also get similar (I have had this for about a year on and off (1-2 days or even up to 7) and they hurt more recently as my throat itches with hayfever and so in rubbing my tounge to get rid of the itch it has made the spot worse and sore which got me searching for answers)

After eating chocolate it is much more apparent (Not specifically Cadbury but any chocolate). I also get it after McDonalds Milk Shakes - which makes me think it's something to do with high Sugar foods perhaps in certain peeps, maybe not all cases reading here.

More specifically the spot is always in the same place, only 1 spot and it sometimes disappears completely for weeks.

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I have been having this problem for years now.(The soft palate on the roof of my mouth gets VERY sore and I can feel hard bumps under the skin) It is not a food allergy. It ONLY happens after not eating for awhile. If I go most of the day without eating or longer, it happens with the first bite of food. I read that a lot of people think it has something to do with the salivary glands going crazy cause it is the first bit of food they have had in awhile. They are very painful and can last for a few days. It gets so bad that I have to stop eating every once in awhile. I would really like to know if this is an actual ailment or not.

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I get the same thing too whenever I eat popcorn it hurts a lot and I am afraid that there is nothing to do but wait for it to go away. It usually takes me about 3-5 days to get over it.

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I et them from salad dressings??sounds like food

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Another website I looked at said more than likely it's just your saliva glands. When eating your mouth produces more saliva to help process the food. For some people the tubes that deliver the saliva into your mouth fill up extremely fast causing them to bulge and be painful. I get these all the time. The roof of my mouth, under my tongue. They're painful but i've found if you're willing to deal with a little pain massaging them with your tongue gets rid of them because it helps get the saliva moving out of the tubes and into your mouth. Hope that helps...

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to other site...

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They could be apthous ulcerations. I have gotten these on the roof of/hard palette of my mouth. They are very painful. I would experience them when I became overly stressed. The only "treatment" that I am aware of is to get a prescription for viscous lidocaine and try to wait it out as it heals.

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Has anyone ever found out what is on the roof of their mouth? Has anyone had relief? I have a warm place on the roof of my mouth on my left side. It started nine years ago, on and off. When I breath the right side of the roof of my mouth feels cool and normal with the natural wrinkles you feel with a healthy roof of mouth. My left side feels smooth and puffy but I am the only person who can tell this. The lump can be pushed up into my HEAD, and then it comes back down. The lump is not rock hard it is like a soft well springy like a hard boil egg. Even with dental photos, cleanings, xrays, catscan, and mri. No MEDICAL PRO can tell me what the heck I am suffering from. Now.. time has passed and the left side of my face is saggy. The bone around my eye socket hurts badly and this is EVERY SINGLE DAY OF MY LIFE. I do not have a headache. The roof is puffy and warm, and I swear, the dentist says its my sinus, the sinus doc says its my teeth, the reg doc thinks im nuts. I hate everyone. I don't want to stab it because it could be the main vain or blood vessel and it FRIGGIN hurts. Any suggestions out there?

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