Question about either Tourette's or OCD

ms_minnamouseNovember 11, 2012

Can an 60 year old male get sudden onset of Tourette's Syndrome or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder? Or are these disorders something that present themselves at a young age?

I'm trying to guess if some behaviors are more likely a person's annoying habits that they don't want to be bothered working on, or if they actually have no control over it due to a disorder.

They have a large repertoire of noises and tics. The repertoire is ever increasing in new behaviors, while never phasing out older behaviors. They don't present themselves only during times of stress, they're always being practiced. The frequency of the behaviors are VERY often, some more often than others. Throat clearing is the most frequently practiced behavior and it's done literally several times each waking minute unless the person's attention is completely devoted to a task at hand. The volume of the throat clearing varies and sometimes is extremely loud. The person is aware that they clear their throat and do the other behaviors. I'm not sure if they're aware WHEN they're doing but they know that they do it in general.

Although, sometimes they are aware WHEN they're doing it because they'll do a noise, such as the throat clearing, to a tune.

I'm not trying to diagnose someone, only trying to attempt to understand.

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I am just guessing here, but could it possibly be sinus symptoms? I cough and clear my throat continuously (I am told) and I don't even notice it. Even right after I cough someone will ask are you sick and I'm not, I am not even aware I've coughed. It wasn't until I went to a very good allergist who told me I was continuously clearing my throat throughout the visit that I became aware and I told him I though I was actually having a good day! Does that make any sense to you? Perhaps your friend just needs a good antihistiminer something to dry him/her up. Sinus wash like a netti pot helps.

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