tumor on the upper thigh

dustykneesNovember 29, 2006

i thought it kind of odd when i first saw the neighbor lady wearing baggy jogging pants.she had never done that in all the 20 years i've known her. then yesterday she told me what i guess explained it. she had gone to a doctor about the lump on her leg she said that had been growing for over 3 years. he told her that it was a tumor. a non spreading type.he didn't perform any tests. so how could he know that it doesn't spread? she said she was in the doctor's office less than 10 minutes and charged her $85.00. he had his secretary make an oppointment for her to see a surgeon friday. i said the lump is not as big as a baseball is it? she sort of smilled and said 'bigger than that'. she's only in her 30's. i wanted to say, why didn't you see a doctor when it first started growing?!?

has anyone here ever experienced anything like that? makes me wonder what she'll have to endure and about her future.

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Things like that do make you wonder, don't they!! I guess she just kept thinking that it would go away. Some people are just afraid to go see a doctor.

The surgeon that removes it will be the one to send it to the lab to determine if there is any chance that it is malignant. It probably isn't. A doctor can usually tell by feel if a tumor is suspicious. A growth under the skin is a fairly common thing. What's unusual about this one, is that she ignored it for so long.

She probably will have no problem with it other than letting the incision heal.

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