Gum Disease....

clubmNovember 7, 2011

Has anyone taken Arestin shots for gum disease? Its where

the dentist injects a antibotic called Arestin into

yours gums. Thxs

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DH had them a few yrs. ago. I wondered why when he went to the Dentist, it took almost 2 hrs. for me it's less than an hour.
They were soaking him for $300 each visit! Not covered by insurance of course. I strongly advised him not to continue with it, and when he went next time, they gave him a really hard time about it. They even tried some weird stuff on me on my next visit.

I made up my mind that if I had any issues with them trying to pressure me into anything, I'd find another dentist. The rest of DH's family has gone elsewhere, thanks to her sales pitches.

My teeth would have to be in pretty bad shape to go for this treatment, and Dh's weren't bad either. He has a small amount of 'pockets' but after he refused, they've continued to treat him w/regular cleanings. I guess if your teeth are in really bad condition consider it, but be ready to pay dearly for it. I'm motivated to brush and floss daily to avoid seeing my dentist more than twice a yr. for routine cleanings! Good luck with your teeth.

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