Diabetic criminals

d0ugNovember 14, 2013

They say battle is being lost as cases hit 382 million diabetics
The majority are type two diabetics in 2012 8.4% of the population where diabetic. By 2035 they say it will be 55%
Why don�t they find a cure? When there is 548 billion dollars made by the medical system that pretty well answers the question.
It is bad for business to tell people there is a cure.
The mineral chromium is the mineral used by the body to activate the cells to recognize insulin. When this happens the cell can then use sugar and also the craving for sweets goes down.
Chromium here is some FACTS mean CR [chromium] Blood levels [u/l]
10 -------------------1972
4.7-5.1 -------------1973
0.73 -1.6 ----------1974
0.16 ----------------1978
0.43 ----------------1980
0.13 ----------------1985
and even going lower
Now here is a list of symptoms of chromium deficiencies
Low blood sugar
Learning disabilies
Manic depression
Bi-polar disease
Impaired growth
Elevated blood triglycerides
Elevated blood cholesterol
Coronary blood vessel disease
Aortic cholesterol plaque
Infertility and decreased sperm count
Shortened life span
With this mineral being depleted from our diet all these problems are increasing.
And not one doctor will tell you.
There have been studies that show chromium and vanadium with other co factors will eliminate type two diabetes.
There is no law requiring a doctor to tell you about a cure even if he knows.

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Thank you Doug

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Great post Doug!

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There have been studies that show chromium and vanadium with other co factors will eliminate type two diabetes.

can you explain what the other co factors are please...

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Cite your studies.

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There is publish medical studies on pubmed here is some web sites that refer to the studies done by Dr Mertz in 1959.



The co-factors are other trace minerals and can be found in some supplements like fulvic acid or Youngevity plant derived minerals. There is also L-Aspartic acid, Gymnema, Bitter Melon Fruit, Cinnamon. All help in getting solving insulin resistance.

Have fun

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It's no secret that the top industries in the country are aware of the situation. But the only cure for type 2 diabetes is in our own hands.

People have to realize that they too, are responsible for looking out for their health. They have to be conscious about what they allow themselves to eat and what they buy for their families.

Big business in never going to look out for the little guy. In fact a "cure" for diabetes will work against them because diabetes is one of their best profitable diseases. So they need return customers in the form of insulin and other diabetic medication.

Eating healthy is your best bet and it can be difficult for some. But at least, you know what you are eating and your health will not be at risk. Plus there are so much more things that are a health hazard in what we eat.

Diabetes is only of the many dangers we put ourselves in while not paying attention to what foods we put into our bodies.

Here is a link that might be useful: clean eating grocery list

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