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lilypad22November 14, 2005

My husbands family has recently had to change their diet. Looking and comparing labels is very confusing and time consuming. With so many people now on low salt, low cholestoral diets, there must already be lists of the best products with these low amounts. Does anyone know any websites that might have such a list? Thank you so much.

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I hated to answer this because it will bump it down and might not be seen by a more informed poster, but since it has been sitting for a few days, I will go ahead.

I am diabetic so I know about having to be really careful about reading labels. Yes, it is time consuming at first, but soon your husband's family will know 90% of their regular diet and won't have to look anymore. I am unaware of any list that is really going to do the job for them. The list would have to be really extensive to cover all the foods out there. Besides, they will learn so much more by not taking the short cut. If they are unable to perform this for themselves, maybe they could let you know what they commonly eat and you could do it for them. I found that kids think sleuthing in the grocery store is really fun and mine made lists for me. Any chance for that?

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Lilypad, some hospitals have community programs where registered dieticians will take grocery store tours with patients and explain to them which foods to buy and which to avoid. Maybe something like that is available in your inlaw's area?

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if you have someone else make this list you are running the risk that they have a financial stake in it and are posting a website that their product is the best for this and that when it really isn't. of course you can be assured that your dr or dietician is ethical and has no stake in what food items they recommend. if you do find a list make sure the foods are generic like for example chicken instead of tyson's honey glazed chicken. like devorah has intimated, try to do some dectective work and find what is best for your situation.

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