have you ever had your jaw to lock during dental procedure?

downsouthNovember 9, 2004

This happened to me about three weeks ago during a crown procedure and it still hurts. I'm going back to the dentist in the morning for him to set the permanent crown and I'm going to ask what caused this and why it's still aggrevating me.

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Consider this: You had your mouth pried open far enough to get his hands, several tools and his assistant's hands in there ... that stretches the muscles and causes pain. The jaw joint can slip partly out of its socket and "lock".

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It's not unusual. It can also happen during a big yawn if the joint is able to slip out of it's setting. It's not anything to worry about.

Did your dentist reassure you yesterday? I hope everything is going well with your new crown.

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He decided that the temporary crown was not fitting perfectly and he filed it off some. Since I have been in pain, he wants me to wait until Nov. 29 to come back for the permanent setting, because he said this was a old deep filling and he wants to be sure it doesn't need a root canal. I thought all teeth had to have root canals before a crown was done? I sure hope they don't put a permanent crown on and then later find out I needed a root canal.

The filing of the temp. crown has completely eliminated the sore jaw. He said if your bite is off, it can cause your jaw to be sore and he was right.

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

My husband had a root canal in a tooth that had a gold crown. They drilled through the crown, fixed the tooth, then repaired the crown.

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Sammy, that is good to know. I was wondering how they were going to do this, if later on I needed a root canal. thanks so much for letting me know this can be done w/out removing the crown.

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