Ear Wax Candling, have you tried it?

calpatNovember 20, 2003

This wax buildup started 3 years ago when I moved here. Been to Allergist, lots of seasonal pollens here. Tried the alergy pill, all types, they just make me sleepy & groggy all the time. Been tested for hearing & no physical problem, ENT says my ears are healthy, just filled with wax. He suggested the OTC ear wax removal kits, but this helps for a very short time & my inner ear feel tender & sore for a day or so after. Been reading about this candle waxing, but I'd like to have some input from people who have tried it & what their opinions are. TIA

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"Candling" does NOT do anything for wax build-up, and you run the risk of having a drop of hot wax land on your ear drum or inner ear.

The proponents of it claim it draws impurities out ... however, you get the same gunk in the hollow candle whether you burn it stuck in an ear or not.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ear Candling: bad results

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Lazygardens, thank you so much for the link regarding this subject. I read it thoroughly, a bit scarey. Guess we're all still looking for the magic bullet to cure what ails us. Hope others read this, thanks again.

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Calpat -
As well as the OTC drops, you might find that occasional drops of a light vegetable oil in your ears keeps the wax from getting hardened.

almond oil is the classic, sesame oil works too - either is available in any shop that sells herbs or massage oils.

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Darn! I wish I had read this post before I spent $19 on these candles this week. I had heard how wonderful they worked and it didn't dawn on me to research them before I bought. Oh well, live and learn! Thanks lazygarden, for the link.

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