My Positive Huntington's Page

heatherdugdaleNovember 6, 2007

I am 24, am experiencing HuntingtonÂs disease symptoms. My family is one of the few in the world who have early onset. I was a Nurse before I got sick. I made a positive, comprehensive website. It has a blog, care giving tips, ways to fight brain fog, myths, my story, my families story, history, and ways to have a positive testing experience. I also put on there the poems I got published in the horizon.

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Heather, what a great website you have made to share your story and inform people about Huntington's disease. You have been through so much. Losing your mother at such a young age was heartbreaking for you and your family. Keep the good memories of her close at heart, and let her help you be strong in the face of this difficult medical condition. Continue to "fight for the light."

I was happy to read you are trying everything you can to take care of yourself including exercising and the green tea. Good for you.

Take care, and I'll be thinking of you.


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