Reasons for getting shocked?

NikeNovember 11, 2004

I was wondering if anyone ever has this same problem that I do. I am constantly getting shocked on things at work. It's very frustrating. I work in a medical office (on tile floor), but am constantly getting shocked on everything from our filing cabinet to our stainless steel table to our anesthesia machine. I am in scrubs with socks and my Nike or Adidas cross training shoes. I've tried different shoes. What else could it be?

I used to get shocked daily on my old car at my past job and I also would get shocked at that old office, but that's understandable since I was on carpet all day.

It's even worse when I go to Las Vegas because I get shocked on everything left and right. I've once had someone tell me that it's the mineral content in my body that's causing it. I'm pretty careful about not dragging my feet when I walk and such. Help?!

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Here is an article on this subject. Seems like it's a good idea to carry a key with you to discharge static electricity.

Here is a link that might be useful: stop getting shocked

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I have this problem all the time. Don't know why. I even have a plastic thingy under my chair that is suppose to be anti-static. It's a common joke around here that I have a "shocking" personality. I do carry keys with me and use them to touch something before I touch it with my hand. It helps, but I still get shocked when I forget. I couldn't find any help on the web. If you do, please let me know too!


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Make sure you are wearing all-cotton underwear.

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

Joann, that link is good, but it does not emphasize that once you are out of the car and filling up gas, don't get back inside the car until you are through. With the nozzle in your tank, if you slide out of the car and touch it, you can catch on fire. It has happened.

Our Safety guy at school told us about the above, and also said that a cell phone by a gas pump could start a fire. That has never happened according to him, but it could. And I think it is even having the cell phone on. He told us to turn it off and leave it in the car.


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