Do I Need Moisture Barrier over Terrazzo (Eng. Wood Flooring)

runninginplaceSeptember 27, 2010

As the long title says--we're installing Armstrong oak engineered HW in our kitchen. The original floor is terrazzo and we aren't sure that we have to install a vapor barrier first. Other adjacent areas had vinyl sheet flooring laid as a barrier, then the HW was glued onto that.

However, in the kitchen the contractor has already installed cabinets and our allowances are pretty tight. So if we don't need a vapor barrier, it will be helpful. OTOH I don't want to install $1200 worth of flooring and have a problem!

Any feedback appreciated.

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I would use a floating wood floor underlayment like Floor Mufflers or any other ones that can serve as vapor barriers and cushion. You will need it anyway to float a floor. Why not just get it with vapor barrier?

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I'm shedding a tear for the loss of the terrazzo. :)

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Me too! Is the terrazzo in really bad shape? I almost covered mine up when I moved in here. Thank goodness I didn't. We used a professional scrubber and 40% peroxide. Now they look Buckingham Palace!

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Thanks for the feedback. As for covering terrazzo...I am not a fan, and vastly prefer hardwood. However, please don't weep, as my husband and I have commented the floors are just covered up. Someday no doubt a future owner will be exclaiming as they rip out my flooring 'Can you believe someone covered up these amazing floors?'. Just as today the same comment is heard while the carpeting is peeled off old wood floors :).

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Any vapor barrier is not going to raise your floor height much (1/8", if that). It will just raise the total job cost.

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It depends on the basement whether it's dry or there is enough moisture on it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Terrazzo

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