Hardwood in closet - Opinions please!

Madeline616September 12, 2011


New to the flooring forums, I spend most of my time in Kitchens!

I had a little flooding incident last night, left the bathtub running and got some seepage into the adjoining bedroom and closet. All are on the first floor of a home built on a slab.

Crazy, because tomorrow I was supposed to have the bedroom carpets ripped up and Brazilian walnut hardwood floors put in. Thank God for the timing, otherwise the floors would've been damaged.

Anyway, the setup up is such that my bathroom is between my closet (8 x 13) and my bedroom. To get from the bedroom to the closet, you walk through the bathroom.

The bathroom flooring is large travertine tiles, the closet, obviously, carpet, and the bedroom about to be Brazilian walnut.

Now that this has happened, I asked the flooring store for a quote on putting hardwood in the closet and it's pretty reasonable (this isn't an insurance claim.)

So, anyone with opinions on the look based on the space description, pros, cons, etc? Thoughts on whether it would be an added plus for resale?


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Yes Hardwood in the closet is the choice that I and most buyers would prefer. However it is you who must be pleased!

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I'd be happy with anything other than carpet in the closet. That includes tile, laminate, or hardwood. My first choice would be tile, since I might walk into the closet while wet from the shower, but hardwood would be very nice too.

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Thank you both for your responses. Hardwood it is!! Funny how a stressful flood has led me to a great decision I never would've imagined before. I think it will be beautiful.

Thanks again!

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